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    Olympic Legacy

    The Olympic Stadium

    The Olympic Stadium

    When submitting the bid for the 2012 Olympic Games, the organisers chose to place sustainability at the front. The team highlighted the huge opportunity they would have to increase awareness of climate change and the issues around it. Throughout the whole process of organising the games, there has been a commitment to making London 2012 the ‘greenest’ games of all time. This began with the designing of the venues and transport links, carried on to the actual hosting of the games, and hopefully will leave a long lasting legacy of a sustainable environment.

    Since the games were awarded to London, all of the construction partners have been encouraged to guarantee the use sustainable materials wherever possible, and construction managers worked hard to identify suitable sustainable materials that could be used. One such product that will be widely used is recycled concrete aggregates. Recycled aggregates are made from materials such as bricks and concrete that are crushed and turned into a product ready for reuse in the construction of new buildings or roads. Recycling concrete into aggregates is considered to be more sustainable than mining, processing and transporting new aggregates. Partners were asked to ensure that a minimum of 20% of the value of the materials used would be recycled content, and that a minimum of 25% of the aggregate would be recycled. They were also asked to transport at least 50% of the materials by sustainable means i.e. water or rail, and to use energy-efficient, low emissions vehicles on-site.

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