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    McDonald’s Drive-through

    Work is underway

    Work is underway

    Complete Driveway Designs are proud to announce that we are looking forward to working in partnership with McDonald’s. A new drive-through situated at Newbridge Gateway, Caerphilly, Wales is under construction with CD Designs being asked to install the pattern imprinted concrete.

    We are no strangers to supplying Pattern Imprinted Concrete for the fast food industry having previously completing projects for KFC. You can see one of our KFC projects here. Installing pattern imprinted concrete for a drive-through gives us the opportunity to point out that the concrete we use is of a very high standard, and is obviously good enough to withstand the heavy traffic associated with this type of business. This is why we are so confident with our domestic driveway program, in which we have a 5 year guarantee for any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. We know that the concrete will last and our employees are the best!

    Our work on the project has just begun and should be completed by the beginning of November. Watch this space for updates and case studies of our McDonald’s adventure.

    On The Move

    CD Designs are excited to announce that we are moving premises to Stubbins Lane, Ramsbottom. Work on the new premises will begin in the middle of October, and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. It will include a new show room which will offer customers the opportunity to see examples of our driveways more closely, showing what kind of things we do and letting customers see for themselves the various patterns, colours and shapes that can be achieved with pattern imprinted concrete. Also on show will be the many other things that we do, including but not limited to walling, fencing, decking and landscaping.

    The new yard, which is situated close to Ramsbottom town centre, will provide us with excellent links to the motorway and great space to promote our business. So if you’re in the area in 2013 why not pay us a visit. To see on a map where our new premises are, click this link.

    The move coincides with our ten year anniversary, and we look forward to moving into our next decade with a renewed vigour to create the best driveways possible, and give you the best service there is.

    DIY Design On A Budget

    Following on from our latest blog on getting ideas to design your own driveway, we have compiled a list for those on a budget, of some tricks to designing a low cost, good looking pattern imprinted concrete driveway.

    • If you’re pouring new concrete, consider incorporating curves. Make your walkway slightly curved. Go from a square patio to a half-circle. Shape your concrete to flow with the landscaping. It’s a budget-friendly tip that won’t add to the cost of your stamping ideas, but can add a tremendous amount in aesthetics.
    • Add a border. Can’t afford to stamp all the square footage of your concrete? Just stamp a border. A patterned border frames the concrete, giving it a finished look.
    • Keep colour simple. One of the biggest factors that can add to your cost is colouring your concrete with multiple colours. Use the same colour for your border or your fields and you can save quite a bit. Using colour with a pattern will make a dramatic difference compared to plain, grey concrete. You don’t have to do a lot to make an impact.
    • Expand the area you’re stamping. It may seem counterintuitive, but you can add a lot of impact by continuing a stamped pattern from a patio or driveway to walkways and steps. Rather than stamp an entire driveway, consider just doing a border, but then continue that border to nearby walkways, paths, steps, and entryways. Get more for your money by stamping in multiple places and creating a holistic look, rather than just splurging on one, single area.

    DIY Design

    When looking for ideas for the design of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway, the first place to look is at your home. You should usually try to emulate the brick theme of your home, so if it is a traditional brick house, the obvious choice is to use a brick themed pattern. Depending on your budget you can choose an entire brick-patterned driveway or just do a brick-pattern border. For the colour choice, look at the structural elements of your home, and use the same hues in the colour of the concrete, or choose a colour that compliments them.

    You can search the web for lots of ideas on the pattern and colour of your pattern imprinted concrete, but the best place to start is in our case studies section. Here we have many different driveways of all patterns and colours that we have done over the years, so you can see what the finished product looks like. Other areas for inspiration are theme parks and large shopping centres, as they both often use pattern imprinted concrete in a variety of creative ways, and you may not have noticed before without knowing what to look for.

    Manchester’s Newest Skyscraper

    The tower nearing completion

    The tower nearing completion

    Manchester’s latest skyscraper recently ‘topped out’, making it the fourth tallest building in the city. The 106 metre high tower, encompassing 37 storeys, is to be used for student accommodation, making it one of the tallest in the world for this purpose.

    Work began on the £28.5 million project in 2010, and is ready for the new university year. The work is being carried out by national contractor Shepherd Construction and developer Student Castle, and the building was designed by Manchester architects Hodder and Partners. The finished building will have 7000 square feet of floor space, and will provide self-contained hi-tech contemporary studios, apartments and cluster flats of up to 6 bedrooms for 520 students.

    Sir Howard Bernstein, chief executive of Manchester City Council, marked the completion of the concrete frame of the building with a ‘topping out’ ceremony in April. Clive Williamson, construction director for Shepherd Construction, said at the ceremony: “We’re delighted to join with Student Castle in celebrating this important milestone as the building will meet the aspirations for 21st century student living and will also provide a new landmark for Manchester’s city centre.”

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