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    Concrete Canvas

    Whilst at university, engineers Will Crawford and Peter Bewin invented Concrete Canvas. It basically consists of a cement impregnated matting, with a waterproof backing on one side, so that when water is added to the material it begins to harden into concrete. This material could be used in a wide variety of different ways, but it is thought that the best use is for temporary shelters, especially in war torn areas or places where a natural disaster has occurred.

    Taking the idea one step further, the engineers went on to create Concrete Canvas Shelters. Essentially it is like a large tent. The tent is delivered in a large box, and comes with the canvas bonded to the outside layer. It is inflated to give it its proper shape, then secured to the ground using steel pegs. When water is added the canvas begins to set in around 1 hour, and is fully ready in around 24. The structure can now act almost like a normal building, and services like electricity and running water can be installed.

    You can see a video of the process, with the engineers who invented the material, here.

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