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    Case Study – Snowdrop Close, Runcorn

    The finished driveway

    The finished pattern imprinted concrete driveway

    Installed in September 2012, this block paved driveway had over time become susceptible to weed growth and the blocks had begun to sink significantly.

    The blocks were first removed and the perimeter was shuttered allowing us to gage our levels and grade off. New deco drainage systems were fitted around the front and gable end of the house to relieve water. An old manhole cover was removed and replaced by a recess manhole cover allowing us to continue the pattern through the drive and over the manhole. A square step was then built at the front door using KL blocks.

    The use of grand ashlar on the main body of the house, and a change to the smaller original ashlar slate on the narrow gable end stage, allowed us to match the size of the area to the pattern. The russett colour was used for the main body of the driveway, with the borders being acid stained afterwards to finish.

    You can see this more images of this driveway in our full case study here.

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