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    The Station During Construction

    The Station During Construction

    Middlesbrough bus station was recently given a massive refurbishment, with new hard-standing concrete flooring being a major part. The concrete itself is not the amazing thing about this project, but the fact that the whole thing was finished in less than 4 weeks.

    When it was decided to give the bus station a facelift, planners had to find a way to continue the existing bus service, and also make the downtime during the construction as short as possible. A temporary bus station was set up using a council car park near to the site, using temporary portable buildings and electric supplies, which then allowed the main work to begin. Work commenced on July 16th with the aim of finishing by August 12th. To achieve this, construction work by principal contractors Walter Thompson was carried out 7 days a week. New electrical systems, communications, fire alarms and curtain walling were installed to the building, and the existing hard-standing concrete floor was demolished and replaced with new macro/micro-synthetic-fibre-reinforced concrete.

    Project leaders also had environmental issues in mind. The 3,500-4,000 tonnes of concrete that were removed from the original flooring was crushed, with some being used on site as grade sub-base filler, and the rest being sent to other sites to be used as a recycled fill.

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