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    One Hotel To Rule Them All

    Following on from our Frankenstein themed post, here is another tenuous entry linking concrete recycling and movies. A hotel in Mexico resembles something from The Lord Of The Rings, and has rooms made out of recycled concrete storm drains and sewers.

    The hotel is located outside the village of Tepozltan, about an hour away from Mexico City, and opened in 2010. As the original article says, “If Bilbo Baggins was travelling around North America this is probably where he would stay”. The hotel consists of 20 concrete tubes formerly used for sewers and drainage systems, each with a queen-sized bed and a mountain view. It aims at the backpacker market, with a room recommended for 2 people but the hotel allowing as many as you can fit in, for the equivalent of £20 or £35 at weekends. The facilities are very basic, with each tube having a bed, night-lamp, fan and storage space, and the toilets are in 2 separate bath houses nearby. Far from deterring people however, they have found all sorts of people wanting to stay there because of its unusual nature.

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