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    McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Newbridge, Wales

    McDonald's Drive-Thru

    McDonald's Drive-Thru

    We were approached by the contractor building the new Drive-Thru to install the pattern imprinted concrete, as our reputation, guild of master craftsmen accreditation and commitment to CSCS made us prime candidates to undertake the works.

    Due to the volume of traffic that was expected on the site our specifications were changed slightly from our usual driveways, with 6 inches of concrete and steel reinforcement mesh being installed. At 5 metre intervals, contraction joints were prepared before pour, allowing the concrete slabs movement as they expand and contract during the colder and warmer months.

    Once poured the client requested the use of charcoal colour and London cobble pattern throughout the drive thru. On the corners of the drive thru we used border mats and turned the pattern to suit the corners perfectly. The size of the job and the fact that we were pouring the job in a colder working environment meant that we had to pour the job in two sections using a concrete pump wagon. The wagon was brought in because the steel reinforcement preventing us from using wheel barrows.

    Polythene was used to cover the kerbs to prevent the chance of staining the kerbs, and grills were removed from the aco drains which were also covered. Prior to completion we cleaned the drive thru and cut in the crack control joints, followed by another clean. The drive thru was then sealed using acrylic seal, and the drive thru was now ready to be used by the public.

    To see more pictures of this installation, take a look at the full case study.

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