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    Another Concrete Myth Debunked

    One of the myths we often hear about concrete is that it cracks easily. Like any material it will degrade due to wear and tear over time, and disreputable companies will make this worse by using cheap concrete, not leaving crack control joints and not laying the concrete thick enough. When done properly, pattern imprinted concrete will last a long time and will only require the minimum amount of maintenance.

    Concrete vs Asphalt

    Historically, concrete has not been used as extensively as asphalt for road construction, as it usually takes longer to install, and the price of asphalt has generally been lower. However the primary raw material in asphalt is crude oil, and with oil prices continually rising, the cost of asphalt long term has now exceeded concrete, and more and more people are looking to concrete in order to cut down on costs.

    For example in this Japanese article, although not optimal for dense urban areas due to increased noise, concrete is being used for expressways and arterial roads, which just goes to show that it can handle heavy traffic just as well as asphalt, and it generally last 3-5 times longer, meaning that it offers an estimated 30% cost saving overall.

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