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    Best Blogs Of 2012

    We have looked through our blogs over the last 12 months and picked out the 5 we think are the most interesting and informative.

    1. George and the Dragon

    In this blog from January, we looked at a job we did at St. George’s Primary School in Barrow-in-Furness. We created a dragon themed pattern imprinted concrete playground, which you can see pictures of in the entry.

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Dragon

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Dragon

    2. Essential and Non-Essential Maintenance

    In this blog from February, we looked at whether a pattern imprinted concrete driveway requires essential or non-essential maintenance.

    Non Essential Maintenance

    Non-Essential Maintenance

    3. Installation Of Your Driveway

    In this June blog, we had a quick look at what to do during the installation of your driveway, and how look after it immediately after. The blog entry also has a link to another blog describing how to prepare before we arrive to install your driveway.

    Applying Sealant

    Applying Sealant

    4. Do You Need Planning Permission

    In this November blog we gave you a quick guide as to whether you will need planning permission when having a pattern imprinted driveway installed, or any other work done to your home.

    planning permission

    Do You Need Planning Permission?

    5. A Tribute To Oscar Niemeyer

    In this blog from December, we paid tribute to Oscar Niemeyer, one of the 20th centuries most innovative designers of concrete structures.

    The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum Designed by Niemeyer

    The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum Designed by Niemeyer

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