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    Concrete Or Steel?

    Artists Impresiion Of The New World Trade Center

    Artists Impression Of The New World Trade Center

    Steel and concrete are by far the two most used materials in the construction industry, but which is the best material for construction, concrete or steel?

    In steel’s case construction time can be significantly reduced, as the steel can be prepared off-site well before construction begins, and it takes relatively little time to put them into place during the construction, which is especially useful when constructing tall buildings. This off-site preparation allows the quality of the material to be controlled better. It is also easily recycled, with more steel recycled each year than every other material combined.

    For concrete, the main advantage in construction is its compression strength. It is highly resistant to explosions and impact, which is why the new World Trade Center is being built with a 24-inch-thick concrete wall surrounding the buildings core, which should protect it from fire or terrorist attack. Buildings in high risk earthquake zones are also using a similar design. Concrete can be made to form almost any shape, giving architects limitless possibilities in terms of design.

    In reality, it is a combination of concrete and steel that works best in most constructions, and it is the building’s function and requirements that make the most difference in choosing which materials to use.

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