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    Bury’s ‘Most Loved’ Driveways and Patios

    Ian and Ben receiving the award

    Ian and Ben receiving the award

    During February we were delighted to find out that we were the ‘Most Loved’ driveway and patio business in Bury on thebestofbury website. They were running a promotion called ‘14 Days Of Love’, a Valentine’s Day tie-in finding the best businesses in the area based on the number of recommendations that they got, and we came top. Not only were we the most recommended driveway and patio company in Bury, we were the third most in the entire country!

    We’re thankful that so many of you are finding the time to give a review of our work, and delighted that you are so pleased with it. We will continue to give you the best driveways and patios possible, and in doing so hope to get many more reviews, so that by this time next year we will be number one in the country.

    Black is Back

    Charcoal coloured pathway

    Charcoal coloured pathway

    Black has long been the colour of elegance and simplicity. In fashion, the black suit or tuxedo is the standard formal attire for men, and for women the black dress is regularly seen on red carpets and catwalks. Designer Karl Lagerfeld was once quoted as saying “Black is the color that goes with everything. If you’re wearing black, you’re on sure ground”. The same is true outside of fashion, and black is increasingly being used for interior and exterior decorating. White walls and black furniture is often considered a ‘modern’ look, and the contrast between black and other colours looks beautiful, adds drama and never goes out of style.

    A good example of how we use black to contrast other features is a driveway we installed in Blackpool in 2011, as shown in the photo above. We used our charcoal colour on the whole of the front drive and side path leading to the front door, and in contrast with the white walls, doorway and gravel, the black concrete gives a stylish and sophisticated look. We also use charcoal for our McDonald’s and KFC drive-thru’s. We are finding that more and more customers are choosing black for their pattern imprinted concrete driveways.

    Movers and Shakers

    We received the award from Bestofbury's Phil Fellone

    Ian and Tim receiving the award from thebestofbury's Phil Fellone

    In earlier blog entries we told you about our move to a new yard and office, and also about 2013 being our 10th year in business. In part due to these, and also because of our two big new contracts with McDonald’s for their pattern imprinted drive-thru’s, we have been awarded the ‘Movers and Shakers’ award by the bestofbury, which recognises local businesses that have done something extraordinary that month.

    The award came with a full page interview with our director Tim (pictured above) in thebestofbury magazine, and also a segment in the Bury Independent newspaper, which states “A key factor in Complete Driveway Designs’ success and continued development has been their ability to win large commercial contracts and still offer a high standard of workmanship on domestic projects”.

    If you would like to take a look at the newspaper article, it was printed in the Bury Independent on the 8th March, and is also available to view on their website.

    Recycling Out Of Recession

    Recyling AggregatesAs Britain faces an unprecedented triple-dip recession, fuelled by a 1.5% fall in manufacturing output in January, the message from the government is that the construction industry will lead us back to prosperity. Whether you think they know what they are talking about or not, the theory behind it is sound, even if it may have some flaws in practice.

    The construction industry currently employs over 2 million people, making it one of the largest sectors of the UK economy, but there are an estimated 150,000 construction professionals who are currently unemployed. It is hoped that by getting these people back into work, the economy will start to benefit from the increased productivity and lower unemployment benefits payed out. However with cuts to government spending on public housing projects leading to a 20% downturn in this area, and a 15% cut to infrastructure projects, it is difficult to see where these new jobs will come from.

    One solution may be the recycling sector, which the government are trying to stimulate with the introduction of the Aggregates Levy – an tax on the excavation of raw materials. It was hoped that this would kick-start UK companies to embrace the recycling of construction waste, which accounts for 90 million tonnes here and over 1,000 million tonnes in Europe, and make the UK a leading player in the sector. Large scale adoption of this has yet to materialise, but with raw materials becoming more scarce as well as expensive, the industry must take seriously this more sustainable model.

    McDonalds Drive-thru, Nottingham

    Finished Drive-thru

    The finished pattern imprinted concrete drive-thru

    In February we told you about our two new McDonald’s contracts. The first of the two in Nottingham has now been completed, and work on the next one is due to begin at the end of March.

    Due to the volume of traffic that was expected on the site, our specifications were as with previous drive-thru’s changed slightly from our usual driveways, with 7 inches of concrete and steel reinforcement mesh being installed. Detection loops were then placed by in four positions throughout the drive-thru. Once the concrete was poured the client requested the use of charcoal colour and London cobble pattern throughout. Rather than use the usual surface colour hardener, our client specified the use of colour through charcoal pigment, which meant that the charcoal colour would run all the way through the concrete and not just the surface. On the corners of the drive-thru we used border mats and turned the pattern to suit the corners perfectly. Polythene was used to cover the kerbs to prevent the chance of staining the kerbs, and grills were removed from the aco drains, which were also covered.

    Prior to completion we cleaned the drive-thru and cut in the crack control joints, followed by another clean. The drive-thru was then sealed using acrylic seal, and was now ready to be used by the public. This newly refurbished McDonald’s on the Victoria Retail Park, Nottingham was built next to an existing McDonald’s which will be demolished and replaced once the new one has formally opened.

    Click here to see lots more images in the full case study for this job.

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