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    Case Study and Testimonial – Worsley

    Finished driveway

    Finished driveway

    Last week we received a slightly unusual testimonial, not from one of our customers but from their neighbour Mrs. Ennis, who was so impressed with the job we had done on the driveway opposite, she wrote us a letter and gave it one of our guys on site:-

    Thank You Letter

    We were installing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway at Park Grove in Worsley, the case study for which has recently been added here. Mrs. Ennis wrote: “I am writing this letter to say how these men have worked so hard in all weathers, without supervision, doing a fantastic job, quietly, when possible. They are a credit to your company. Their names are John, Ben and Greg. I wish you every success”. Also included was a nice card:-

    Thank You Card

    We always love to get positive reviews from customers, so getting them from their neighbours as well is extra special. Many thanks to Mrs. Ennis for taking the time to write this lovely letter.

    Testimonial – Hough Way, Harwood

    We recently received a lovely card of recommendation at TheBestOfBury, from a customer whose pattern imprinted concrete driveway we installed in March at Hough Way in Harwood. Here’s what they had to say:-

    “Your people worked hard and told us what they were doing every step of the way. They respected us and our property and cleaned up everyday. We now have a drive to be proud of. We would strongly recommend this firm. Ray and Val.”

    Photo of the driveway on first inspection

    Photo of the driveway before work was started

    We love getting testimonials like this, as it’s great to see that our customers appreciate our work. Above and below are before and after photos, so that you can see for yourself the driveway that Ray and Val are so pleased with.

    Photo of the finished driveway

    Photo of the finished driveway

    As you can see from the first photo, the drive was a messy combination of tarmac and flags, with an uneven border edge. The finished driveway has a much cleaner edge, with the main Grand Ashlar pattern complimenting the brick patterned border. The colour used for this installation is Steadman Buff with a chocolate release.

    Testimonial And Case Study

    Finished Pattern Imprinted Driveway

    Finished Pattern Imprinted Driveway

    Last month we received a lovely testimonial from a customer whose pattern imprinted concrete driveway we installed in Denton in December. It came via our partners at The Best Of Bury, who gather reviews about local businesses and show them on their site. The review from Karen H reads:

    Professional and friendly service, workers tidy and on time. My new driveway looks fabulous and I’m getting a lot of compliments from friends and neighbours. I just wish I’d had it done sooner.’

    New Drainage System Installation

    New Drainage System Being Installed

    For the installation of the driveway, first the existing driveway was broken up and dug out. Next a trench was dug on the left hand side of the drive for the new drainage system. Pipework was laid in this trench, which connected the existing drains to the front of the driveway where the new Aco drainage was to be fitted. The whole area was then levelled, and the Aco drainage fitted and connected. A new brick wall was built at the front of the property complete with two pillars at either side, new fencing was erected, and a small step was installed at the doorway using KL blocks. Concrete was poured into the step along with the rest of the driveway, which was then coloured, patterned and sealed, and a full clean was given to the whole area to finish.

    We have made a full case study including pictures of the driveway in question, which you can see here.

    Maldon Drive – Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Testimonial

    We recently received a testimonial via email from John and Judith Haworth, whose driveway we installed in April. As you can see they are very pleased with their pattern imprinted concrete driveway, and even took the time to send us some photos.

    “Good afternoon Tim, hope you are keeping busy

    I took a couple of the drive before we put the cars on hopefully I have attached them to this email.

    We just wanted to say that we are extremely pleased with the end result. Your site team were always well mannered and well organised. It was fascinating watching the different stages involved and in the end we were glad that we decided to stay and watch .

    We have had such good comments off  the neighbours that I would not be surprised if we see your vans in our vicinity again soon.


    John & Judith Haworth”


    Rutland Drive, Ashton-in-Makerfield – Testimonial

    We are always delighted when we receive testimonials from our customers, and the one we have received from Fred and Joan in Ashton-in-Makerfield was one of the best we have ever had.

    “Hi Ben & Everyone.  Its just about a year now since our drive and front/back gardens were completely transformed by you and your hardworking, superb, funny, polite, nothing too much trouble, workforce.  We were absolutely delighted with the result and still are (money very well spent).  Your after sales service and communication is more than excellent.  Just about the best firm we have ever dealt with and we would recommend you without hesitation.”

    We are very happy that they are enjoying their driveway and garden so much, and hope that they do so for years to come.


    To view the case study click here

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