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    Stefaan de Croock temporary graffiti

    Removing moss from concrete, for art!

    Removing moss from concrete, for art!

    If most of us saw moss and dirt covering our pattern imprinted concrete driveways at home, we’d be spraying it with the pressure washer in no time. But for urban artist Stefaan de Croock, dirt and moss growth offers a natural palette for creating beautiful graffiti artworks.

    Using a pressure washer, he painstakingly carves shapes into the natural grime and dirt build up in city environments, to create truly stunning results.

    Moss does have a tendency to grow quite heavily on concrete surfaces when they are damp. This makes it common on concrete paths where water tends to pool, or walls where it regularly runs down from an overflow. De Croock (known as Strook) takes advantage of this to create his signature style of ‘substractive’ graffiti outside the Stuk’s art centre in Belgium.

    Sadly these pieces of artwork are very temporary; with water being the only material used during production, the moss rapidly grows back over the effect within a couple of weeks, obscuring the effect. However, it’s possible to see some of his work.

    We think this is a really exciting way of using constructed and natural elements together to create something new and interesting. Whether we’ll see our customers carving water works of art into their pattern imprinted concrete driveways or patios is another thing – but if you do feel inspired, we’d love to see the results!

    Resealing Prevents Algae And Moss On Concrete Driveways

    Nature is a pretty resilient thing. Of course, it’s very important to be ecologically aware, and people are increasingly acting “green”. This is, we’re sure you’ll agree, good news for the planet.

    On a small scale at least, nature continues to do what it does best. This is particularly true when it comes to plant growth. It’s the reason why home owners have to resign themselves to tasks like weeding; nature is hardy, and if something gets a chance to grow, it probably will. If you’ve purchased a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, you should have fewer problems than people who chose other surfacing options. But be aware; over time, moss and algae can still be an unsightly nuisance.

    There’s a one word answer: resealing. Applying sealant to the surface of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway blocks the pores in the surface of the concrete. This makes it a very inhospitable environment for plant growth.

    Your contractor should seal your pattern imprinted concrete driveway as the final part of the installation process. It’s important that you have you pattern imprinted concrete driveway resealed every 5 years at the very least.

    You should also keep your driveway clean. Don’t worry; it doesn’t need to be done weekly. An occasional clean with a stiff-bristled brush and/or a pressure washer (set to fan, not pencil, to avoid damaging the sealant) should do it.

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