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    Our New Premises

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    Front Gate And Office Building

    Our apologies for the lack of updates for the last couple of weeks, but as we noted in this blog entry, we were due to move premises, and now we can announce that the move is complete! We have moved from our old base at Walmersley Road, Bury to our new offices at Stubbins Lane, Ramsbottom.

    You might know the new place by sight if you live in or near Ramsbottom, as it is right next to the petrol station and just down the road from the swimming baths. You may remember it as the old Ellis Timlin yard, and you can see the location by clicking this link. It provides us with great links to the local area and easy access to the motorway for jobs further away.


    The Side Of The Office

    The new premises will also provide us with a lot more outside yard space, as well as more space to store equipment. We have refurbished the office which now boasts a reception and meeting room, and we are planning to build a showroom next year.

    As we move into our 10th year of business, all of us at Complete Driveway Designs are very excited about the prospects for the future, and hope that we can continue to build on the excellent service and customer satisfaction that we are known for.

    George and the Dragon

    You may consider that Pattern Imprinted Concrete is only used for the likes of driveways, patios or paths. So if we said to you, “Imagine a pattern imprinted concrete playground”, you may think we were crazy. Well at Complete Driveway Designs the only thing that we are crazy about is being committed to great service and workmanship. And with regard to the pattern imprinted concrete playground, we don’t need to imagine, because we have created one.

    In August 2011, we were asked to undertake one our most exiting projects to date. We were approached by Seddon (G&J Seddon Ltd) to create a dragon style playground at St. George’s Primary School, Barrow-In-Furness.

    The playground is in the shape of a dragon with its body and tail wrapping around the playground, which was the easy part. The path leading to the playground which incorporates the dragon’s footprints was the hard part, especially trying to get the dragon to walk in a straight line.

    All the hard work and effort was more than worth it, and the pupils of the school were overwhelmed with their new playground. Head teacher Mrs Kent said: “It’s a privilege to watch them mesmerized by the view. One pupil said “It’s like something from a holiday brochure”, it adds another dimension.”

    These pictures show the final results: -

    Wishing you a merry festive season, and all the best for 2012!

    It sure has been a busy year for CD Designs — we have been inundated with work, and have carried our concrete crusade around England implementing high quality pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios far and wide, sometimes branching out into slightly unfamiliar territories such as interior work, but always leaving a trail of satisfied customers in our wake.

    We’ve also been very active on our blog this year, publishing a wide variety of articles covering everything from practical tips and tricks for pattern imprinted concrete, to weird and wonderful concrete design work from designers the world over.

    We’d like to thank everyone involved in our success this year – all the staff at CD Designs, everyone who helped promote us, and of course, all the customers who put their trust in us to do a good job of adding concrete creativity to their homes, offices and other locations.


    We look forward to working with you again in 2012!

    The History of CD Designs

    Complete Driveway Designs have been installing pattern imprinted concrete driveways for over a decade. In the time since we started offering imprinted concrete driveway surfacing we’ve gained a massive amount of experience. And our experience isn’t just limited to P.I.C; we’ve worked with many other surfacing products and on many other installation projects. This is reflected by the additional services we offer, such as fencing and decking installations.

    All this means that we can offer our customers a huge amount of knowledge and know-how to go along with our excellent practical skills.

    We’ve spent a long time building up our reputation across the north-west, and we’ve done almost all of it through old fashioned word of mouth – this website is a relatively new development. We’re still happy to let the excellent quality of work speak for itself, hence our case studies webpage where you can see examples of projects we’ve completed over the recent years. It’s because we believe that the best way to get more customers is to do excellent work. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many companies seem to have forgotten it…

    Our track record of satisfied customers and superb completed projects means that you can rest assured that we’re a legitimate enterprise who are dedicated to our trade, and to the people who pay us for our services.

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