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    Celebrity Driveways

    Sometimes the world that celebrities inhabit seems light-years away from the world we mere mortals live in. But, just like us, celebs have bad hair-days and wardrobe malfunctions. In fact, there seems to be an entire section of the magazine industry dedicated to publishing embarrassing photographs of the rich and famous. And, just like us, they need homes to sleep in and driveways to park their cars on. Admittedly, they might have two or three houses, and a fleet of vintage vehicles…

    Celebs are trend-setters when it comes to fashion and lifestyle choices, so what can we learn from their choice in driveways? This website has a lot of photographs and videos of celeb properties, and gives an interesting opportunity to get a peek at some of the driveway choices of well known stars. Although if you spend too long on there, you might end up feeling like a bit of a stalker.

    As you’d expect, most celebrities’ properties have long, wide driveways which travel through lavishly landscaped gardens to the house itself, or its dedicated garages. Although you might not have a large amount of space surrounding your house, you should remember that a concrete drive is probably the best way to make a lot out of what you’ve got. The adaptability of concrete driveway design means you can install one which makes the most out of the available space and compliments any previously existing features.

    With fame comes money, and celebs aren’t shy about spending large amounts to ensure their privacy; almost all celebrity driveways are secured with fencing and electronic gates. While you may not have hordes of screaming fans camping outside your house, or paparazzi waiting to photograph you, most people would feel a little more at ease with some external security. CD Designs offers gating and fencing which can be installed at the same time as your concrete driveway.

    And, of course, celebs want everything around them to be beautiful. Those of us without international recording contracts or movie deals don’t need to compromise either; a pattern imprinted concrete driveway is a cost effective way of making your property look like a million dollars.

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