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    The Station During Construction

    The Station During Construction

    Middlesbrough bus station was recently given a massive refurbishment, with new hard-standing concrete flooring being a major part. The concrete itself is not the amazing thing about this project, but the fact that the whole thing was finished in less than 4 weeks.

    When it was decided to give the bus station a facelift, planners had to find a way to continue the existing bus service, and also make the downtime during the construction as short as possible. A temporary bus station was set up using a council car park near to the site, using temporary portable buildings and electric supplies, which then allowed the main work to begin. Work commenced on July 16th with the aim of finishing by August 12th. To achieve this, construction work by principal contractors Walter Thompson was carried out 7 days a week. New electrical systems, communications, fire alarms and curtain walling were installed to the building, and the existing hard-standing concrete floor was demolished and replaced with new macro/micro-synthetic-fibre-reinforced concrete.

    Project leaders also had environmental issues in mind. The 3,500-4,000 tonnes of concrete that were removed from the original flooring was crushed, with some being used on site as grade sub-base filler, and the rest being sent to other sites to be used as a recycled fill.

    Saving wildlife with pattern imprinted concrete

    Saving our wildlife with pattern imprinted concrete is not a bridge too far, according to US architecture competition winners.

    Roadkill related accidents are costing the US $8 billon per year, and the problem is of a similar magnitude in other countries too. To solve the problem, the ARC: International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition was born, which asked engineers and architects to design a bridge for a particularly wildlife-hazardous stretch of road in Colorado.

    The solution was simple, but elegant and clever. Landscape architects Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA) and the construction firm HNTB came up with a pre-cast concrete span 8 feet wide and spanning across the road, any number of which can be slotted together to create a bridge wide enough for any desired situation. The bridge is then covered in selected flora to mimic the local environment, meaning that wildlife will feel comfortable crossing the road via the bridge, rather than the dangerous highway.

    There is still a problem – finding funding to actually mass produce these concrete bridges – but it shows that a solution is possible, which uses familiar tried and tested methods rather than high technology. It is great to see the same core attributes of strength and durability used to create pattern imprinted concrete driveways also being applied to much grander scale projects.

    New Case Studies

    There are some changes afoot on this here website. We’ve recently completed a job lot of new case studies, covering pattern imprinted concrete driveways and pattern imprinted concrete patios that we’ve completed for clients. Depending on when you’re reading this blog, they first lot are either about to go live, or are up on the site already.

    And there are more case studies coming. At Complete Driveway Designs we work hard to satisfy our customers, and that pays off: word of mouth means that we completed a lot of pattern imprinted concrete driveway installations every year. So we’ve got a lot of case studies to share with you. We’ll be regularly uploading new sets of photographs showing work we’ve completed.

    We’re doing this so you have an idea of what to expect during the time we’re working at your property. And, of course, so you can see real life examples of finished pattern imprinted concrete driveways. We understand that you’re canny folk, and that no matter how much we tell you about the benefits of pattern imprinted concrete as a surfacing material, you’ll want to see photographs of the finished product.

    So, keep checking our case studies to see examples of the quality of our work. And if you see anything that you really like, or have any questions about the design, installation or maintenance of pattern imprinted concrete driveways, please feel free to get in touch.  We also offer free, no obligation quotations using a simple online form.

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete In The City

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveways may seem most suited to the suburban properties. And it’s true that the majority of work jobs we perform are in towns and suburban areas across the North West.  But that doesn’t mean we’re not up to jobs in the city.

    Commercial customers in particular should rest assured that we don’t have any problems venturing into the depths of Manchester, for example, to install pattern imprinted concrete. Pattern imprinted concrete is an excellent product for commercial properties. It offers a remarkable amount of design flexibility, which is excellent for branding purposes. It’s also ideal for making sure external surfaces are regular and durable; important for both customer and staff safety.

    For an example of this type of pattern imprinted concrete installation, take a look at this blog post on the work we did for Vital Services. As you can see, they need a relatively small area of pattern imprinted concrete – a pathway instead of a driveway – and we were more than happy to provide it.

    Domestic customers in the city should remember us as well, if they’re in need of an attractive surface. Pattern imprinted concrete is ideal for city properties; it’s relatively quickly installed, and remarkably durable once it’s set.

    First impressions Count For Your Business

    Although most of the information on this website – and in the posts on this blog – is aimed at domestic customers, we’ve got a lot of experience working for commercial customers. We’ve completed installations for (and on behalf of) a number of large organisations. They picked us because we’re a skilled team who apply the same care to all our jobs, no matter how big or small the client.

    Pattern imprinted concrete surfaces can really bring your commercial property up a notch. They’re attractive, meaning that we can provide a unique surface that reflects your business. They’re durable; after all, concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world for a reason. And, best of all, they’re cost effective – a reasonable initial outlay and some simple maintenance results in a pattern imprinted surface that will look good for years.

    The compressive strength of concrete also means that high-traffic areas can still be pattern imprinted. Delivery bays, for example, or other areas of your property which see a lot of vehicular traffic, can be surfaced and will hold up to the usage. Our knowledge of the installation process means that we’ll be able to identify the necessary depth of excavation and subbase fill to ensure that your pattern imprinted concrete surface is up to the task. And our attention to detail and the quality of our work means that it’ll look good for years.

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