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    What Do You Park On Yours

    If you’re looking into pattern imprinted concrete driveways, then you’ll probably have read about their strength, durability, and longevity. And, if you’ve visited the case studies section of our website, you’ll have seen photographs of how attractive they are. If you’re planning on getting a new drive installed, chances are that you’ve probably got something to park on it. Off-road parking offers better security for your vehicle, reduces road congestion in your neighbourhood, and can significantly increase the resale value of your home.

    There are some wacky vehicles out there, all of which need somewhere to park. And while there may be more estates and hatchbacks out there than dragsters and monster trucks, that doesn’t mean that reputable driveway contractors such as ourselves should ignore the needs of the unique-vehicle owning minority.

    Take a look at some of these crazy cars. Oh, and these and these and these. And these. While most of them are ridiculously impractical, or are so wacky-looking that you wouldn’t be seen dead in them, are a few of them are undeniably impressive. Imagine how much more impressive they’d look parked up on one of our pattern imprinted concrete driveways…

    Vital Services, Manchester

    Here’s an example of one of the projects that we’ve completed for a commercial customer instead of a domestic customer. Vital Services contacted us because they needed a walkway to be installed into a cobbled street.

    They liked the cobbles, but had some concerns about how uneven the surface was. Obviously, an employer can’t afford to takes risks with the safety of their employees. So, the client required a durable level surface which was visually attractive and represented excellent value of money. And, of course, they wanted the best contractors they could get.

    Vital Services Manchester

    …Which is where we come in. Pattern imprinted concrete is the ideal solution for this kind of surfacing problem. It provides a surface which is tough and reliable, and also easy on the eye. Pattern imprinted concrete also allows you to pick a pattern and colour combination which complements the rest of your property. This is why it’s such a popular choice, both for driveways and commercial surfacing projects.

    As with all of our domestic projects, the installation was completed quickly and without any corners being cut. We understand that the front of a business premises, like someone’s front drive, needs to look good. There’s no point using a material like pattern imprinted concrete if you’re going to compromise the finish with a shoddy installation

    Vital Services Manchester

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Drives: Suitable for Residential and Commercial Use

    Concrete has a long history as the material of choice for commercial building projects. This is because of the ease of its installation, multitude of applications, and high compressive strength when set. These are the same reasons that have made concrete a very popular choice for residential driveways and other residential projects.

    But concrete doesn’t have to be either industrial and practical or used for small scale projects where appearance is key; skilled contractors with the necessary know-how can manage both. For commercial properties, pattern imprinted concrete driveways and other areas of imprinted and/or coloured concrete can be the solution to a difficult problem: how to get a high spec surface without losing visual appeal. Whether the driveway is needed for frequent deliveries or to park a dedicated company vehicle off the road, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality.

    A pattern imprinted concrete driveway should meet all of your surfacing needs, and the installation process is flexible enough to ensure that any necessary drainage issues can be easily solved by incorporating the necessary adaptations into the design of the driveway. More than that, the variety of achievable finishes and design variations mean that it’s possible to purchase a driveway that really stands out.

    And size isn’t a concern; the results of pattern imprinting concrete shine in both small and large surfaced areas. Although appearance isn’t everything, it can definitely help, and it really makes sense for owners of both domestic and commercial properties to consider investing in dramatically improving their exteriors with a carefully designed P.I.C driveway.

    Whether You Drive a 40ft Arctic Or A Fiat 500…

    No matter what your vehicle of choice is, a concrete driveway is up to the job. Concrete is such a widespread construction material for numerous reasons, one of which is its massive compressive strength and its all-round durability. There is, after all, a reason that they make motorways out of it.

    While it’s unlikely that our domestic clients are going to require us to lay a concrete driveway specifically to fit their prized HGV or petrol tanker (complete with fluffy dice, alloys, and a personalised license plate, naturally), we could and would do it. Concrete can be poured and laid to form hard-surfaced areas of almost any dimensions, and our experience with pattern imprinting and colouring means we can give you a driveway that looks fantastic no matter what’s parked on it.

    Concrete is remarkably strong and, as long as it’s treated and worked in the right way, can be used to achieve remarkable results in terms of appearance as well as functionality. We at Complete Driveway Designs offer a tested and trusted industry-standard solution to your surfacing needs, at the same time as opening up any number of potential designs to suit the look of your property and your own personal taste.

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