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    A concrete couch designed by

    A concrete couch designed by Tina Rugelj (

    In the mid-20th century, concrete became unfashionable due to its extensive use on large housing projects and tower blocks. However, new techniques and imaginitive designers are giving the material a new lease of life.

    Souda, a New York City-based design studio, has been experimenting with all kinds of concrete structures, including furniture. “In a lot of design, concrete is still used in a blocky way. But it is a fluid material from which we can now make any sort of three-dimensional shape,” said Isaac Friedman-Heiman, one of the co-founders of the company. Traditionally concrete is mixed with gravel and sand, but high-tech materials like fibreglass and steel-reinforced microfibres have allowed the designers to create almost anything they can imagine.

    Concrete seater designed by Tina Gru

    Concrete seater designed by Tina Rugelj (

    Tina Rugelj, a Slovenian architect, has been researching concrete furniture techniques for several years. Her collection of fibre-reinforced concrete outdoor furniture was presented in Milan last year. “While designing this collection, I wanted to use all of the potential of the material: its extreme thinness (the thickness of my product varies between 10mm and 16mm); lightness (from 9kg to 56kg); the way it can bend; and its weather resistance, both to cold and to heat.”The techniques used are still largely experimental, but as designers gain more experience with the material, we may see it becoming a large part of our home furnishings in the future.

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    Training Day Moved To 15th June

    We are busy adding the final touches to our classroom, in preparation for our pattern imprinted concrete training day. Due to unforseen circumstances the date has been pushed forward by a week to Saturday the 15th June, but there are still places available if you wish to learn about the installation process of pattern imprinted concrete.

    The course will begin at 9am, with refreshments and lunch included. The booking fee is £25, or alternatively you can just turn up on the the day and pay the £150 + VAT total, but obviously a place will not be guaranteed for you.

    Training Day

    Learn the 'art' of pattern imprinted concrete installation

    Learn the 'art' of pattern imprinted concrete installation

    Places are beginning to fill up for our pattern imprinted concrete training day, but there are still some available. Book now to avoid missing out.

    The course provides a great opportunity to learn how to install and maintain pattern imprinted concrete, one of the fastest growing parts of the uk home improvement sector. There will be a mixture of classroom learning and hands-on practical experience. Everyone is welcome, from novice installers wanting to learn from scratch, to specifiers wanting to gain a greater knowledge of the materials and processes.

    The course starts at 9am on Saturday, 8th June, with the booking fee being £25. If you would like to reserve a place, please phone us on 01706 827180 or email

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Training Scheme

    Printing the pattern on a new driveway

    Printing the pattern on a new driveway

    Complete Driveway Designs are pleased to announce that in June we are set to begin training courses in the installation and maintenance of pattern imprinted concrete.

    The courses will provide full practical lessons on the process of pattern imprinted concrete installation, from preparing the area and pouring the concrete, to applying the pattern, colour and finish. It will also offer technical knowledge on the art and science of pattern imprinted concrete, with our instructors sharing their 30+ years of experience in the industry. Further training is then given on how to maintain pattern imprinted concrete, and how to identify and then solve any problems that may arise.

    The courses start on Saturday 8th June at our yard in Ramsbottom, Bury, and cost £150 + VAT. Limited places are available so book early. A booking fee of £25 will secure your spot, with the rest to be paid once the course starts. Lunch and light refreshments will be provided.

    If you are interested in the scheme, or know someone else that might be, then please get in touch via telephone on 01706 827180 or by email

    Black is Back

    Charcoal coloured pathway

    Charcoal coloured pathway

    Black has long been the colour of elegance and simplicity. In fashion, the black suit or tuxedo is the standard formal attire for men, and for women the black dress is regularly seen on red carpets and catwalks. Designer Karl Lagerfeld was once quoted as saying “Black is the color that goes with everything. If you’re wearing black, you’re on sure ground”. The same is true outside of fashion, and black is increasingly being used for interior and exterior decorating. White walls and black furniture is often considered a ‘modern’ look, and the contrast between black and other colours looks beautiful, adds drama and never goes out of style.

    A good example of how we use black to contrast other features is a driveway we installed in Blackpool in 2011, as shown in the photo above. We used our charcoal colour on the whole of the front drive and side path leading to the front door, and in contrast with the white walls, doorway and gravel, the black concrete gives a stylish and sophisticated look. We also use charcoal for our McDonald’s and KFC drive-thru’s. We are finding that more and more customers are choosing black for their pattern imprinted concrete driveways.

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