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    Potential Cosmetic Problems

    There are a few issues which can directly affect the appearance of your pattern imprinted concrete once you’ve had it installed. Imprinted, coloured and sealed concrete looks wonderful – take a look at our case studies to see some examples. But there are a few things that can mar the final product.

    Two of the biggest concerns are blooming and delamination.

    Blooming occurs when moisture is trapped under the sealant which is applied to your concrete once it’s been poured and pattern imprinted. This trapped moisture stops the sealant properly penetrating the surface of the concrete. The sealant and the trapped moisture react with each other, causing patches of visible discolouration.

    Delamination is caused by sealant being applied to concrete which hasn’t been properly prepared or has had too much of another admixture applied to it. This stops the sealant being able to cover the concrete properly.  Delamination is the sealant literally peeling away from the concrete.

    Both blooming and delamination can be dealt with by properly resealing your driveway. Stripping away the original sealant, thoroughly cleaning the surface of the pattern imprinted concrete, and carefully reapplying a new coat is the only certain way to get rid of discolouration.

    Obviously, when we install a pattern imprinted concrete driveway we do everything possible to ensure that these problems – especially delamination – don’t occur. If you’ve got concerns about a driveway that we’ve installed, please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding remedial projects.

    There’s a third cause of cosmetic problems; efflorescence. Effloresence is the product of a chemical reaction which causes hard deposits of salts to build up on concrete surfaces. Concrete which has had sealant applied to it is less likely to display efflorescence, as the sealant blocks the pores in the concrete which are necessary for efflorescence to occur. However, it can happen, and when it does it can be notoriously stubborn. Over at they’ve got more information about efflorescence, along with a wealth of other info.

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