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    Case Study- Bradshaw Road, Hawkshaw

    The finished driveway

    The finished driveway

    This cobbled set driveway was prone to moss growth and flooding, and was not level or even. The customer wanted something that was low maintenance, free of trip hazards and that could relieve water.

    The blocks were primarily removed and the perimeter was shuttered allowing us to gage our levels and grade off. New aco drainage systems were fitted across the driveway and new pipework was laid and tapped into the aco system to alleviate any water. An old manhole hole was removed and was replaced by a recess manhole cover allowing us to continue the pattern through the drive and over the manhole, and a new step was formed at the entrance of the side gate.

    The use of Old English Cobble and the dove grey colour on the drive fitted perfectly in with the old-fashioned cottages and the country surroundings. The gates of the property were removed, trimmed to size and then refitted, and the base of the old house was rendered and made good.

    View the full case study for this driveway here

    Case Study – Snowdrop Close, Runcorn

    The finished driveway

    The finished pattern imprinted concrete driveway

    Installed in September 2012, this block paved driveway had over time become susceptible to weed growth and the blocks had begun to sink significantly.

    The blocks were first removed and the perimeter was shuttered allowing us to gage our levels and grade off. New deco drainage systems were fitted around the front and gable end of the house to relieve water. An old manhole cover was removed and replaced by a recess manhole cover allowing us to continue the pattern through the drive and over the manhole. A square step was then built at the front door using KL blocks.

    The use of grand ashlar on the main body of the house, and a change to the smaller original ashlar slate on the narrow gable end stage, allowed us to match the size of the area to the pattern. The russett colour was used for the main body of the driveway, with the borders being acid stained afterwards to finish.

    You can see this more images of this driveway in our full case study here.

    Beware of the Cowboys – Kensington Street Testimonial

    Mr Khan first contacted us in November 2011 wanting a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway and some fencing put up.  We quoted for both, but Mr Khan decided to use us just for the concrete driveway, as he’d received a more competitive quote for the fencing.  When we arrived last month to install the concrete driveway, we could see the fencing was a complete mess.  Apparently the company that had installed it had no proper equipment and had not quoted for the correct materials.  Mr Khan was very unhappy, and could not get back in touch with the company.

    We installed the driveway and then made attempts to rectify the fencing.  The fencing was nowhere near straight, so it had to be completely redone.  While doing this we got to see the full extent of the mess left behind.  In order to fit the posts in the holes, they had been bashed with a hammer instead of being cut with a chainsaw, and the holes themselves had not been concreted.  We did the best we could and left the fencing looking much better.

    Mr Khan was very pleased with the work, and left us the testimonial below.  Click to enlarge.

    Kensington Street Testimonial

    What you should ask pattern imprinted concrete driveway installers

    At CD Designs, we pride ourselves on being professional, reliable and helpful, and possessing the right skills to ensure that every customer, whether domestic or commercial, we work for comes away more than satisfied. I’m sure you’ll agree that our pattern imprinted concrete driveway testimonials and our pattern imprinted concrete driveway case studies speak for themselves.

    However, when hiring any concrete contractor, you need to ask the right questions to start with, not only to make sure that you think the contractor is trustworthy and will do a good job, but also to make sure that you and the contractor understand exactly what it is you want, so that the end result lives up to your expectations.

    Before hiring:

    1. Ask the contractor for a certificate completion of trade, references and a portfolio. A reliable contractor will be more than happy to prove their worth.

    2. Ask them if they have suitable compensation and liability insurance that will cover them if they are injured on your property, or cause accidental damage while carrying out work.

    3. Ask to see a work schedule and payment terms before they start, so you have a good idea of when the work should start and finish, and how you should pay for it.

    4. Ask what warranty they will give the work, and what they will charge for future maintenance of the drive when the work has gone outside the warranty period.

    Planning/During/After the work:

    1. Discuss the plans in detail: the area to be concreted, concrete mixture, patterns, colours, sealing, finishes, paint, etc. Make sure no detail is left unclear once the work starts.

    2. Tell the contractor what vehicles are likely to use the driveway regularly, and ask what depth the concrete should be, as a result. The average concrete driveway is four inches deep, but regular usage by heavy vehicles may require more.

    3. Ask for concrete, not cement, if you want concrete! The two differ.

    4. After the work is finished, ask the contractor for instructions on how to look after the concrete in the short term and long term.

    Pattern Imprinted Driveways In Bolton

    Bolton is a large town with a rich and interesting history, and beautiful and diverse surroundings. It is situated near the West Pennine Moors, and enjoys close proximity to Manchester. Historically it is known as a prosperous part of the textile industry, with Flemish weavers establishing a cotton and wool tradition during the 15th century, and the industrial revolution ushering in a boom of textile manufacture in the 19th and early 20th century. Further back in time it also played a significant role in the English Civil War (1642–1651), as a Parliamentarian outpost in the middle of Royalist territory.

    CD Designs is based in Bury: as a result, we’re well situated to serve customers in Bolton and other parts of the North West requiring pattern imprinted concrete driveway installations. Our professional work is regarded as some of the best in the industry – we have a highly skilled design and installation team capable of creating a large variety of driveways, patios and more.

    Old english cobble provides a traditional feel with the stables and farmhouse

    Cobble Effect Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway

    Take a look at the case studies section of our website to see what we are capable of. We are confident that our work speaks for itself, and that you’ll be happy to put your trust in us.

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