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    Golden Trowel Awards

    The Winning Garden

    The Winning Garden

    The 6th Annual Golden Trowel Awards took place recently, celebrating decorative concrete projects installed during 2011. It was held by PICS, who are a leading pattern imprinted concrete supplier.

    The entries ranged from standard domestic designs for driveways and gardens, to more commercial applications like theme parks, drive-thru restaurants, petrol stations and seafront promenades. The winner of the Domestic Installation category was a garden in Whitchurch (pictured above), which we think looks similar to this driveway we installed in Little Lever, and from which we received a glowing testimonial.

    The winner of the Commercial Installations category was a refurbishment of a pattern imprinted concrete drive-thru at the McDonalds in Cosham, Portsmouth. You can see our installation of a drive-thru for KFC in Walkden here. In the Individual Features category, the winning entry was an inset pin-wheel medallion feature within a driveway, similar to a compass feature which we have incorporated in some of our driveways in the past like this one in Gorton

    We don’t use PICS products, so we’re not eligible to enter any of our work into the competition, but we think that our St. George’s school Dragon installation would give anyone a run for their money!

    Case Study – Minehead Avenue

    The finished Pattern Imprinted Concrete driveway

    The finished Pattern Imprinted Concrete driveway

    Installed at Minehead Avenue, Urmston in mid July 2012, this was an interesting and exciting project for both us and our customer. Our goal was to create a low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing driveway which would incorporate a ramp, with level access for wheelchair use, a decorative planter and new fencing.

    The customer wanted the planter to be constructed from stone and requested that the colour of the stone contrast well with the colour of the Pattern Imprinted Concrete. A lighter grey was chosen to contrast but also to compliment the dove grey that was chosen for the drive. The same colour brick was used to form the access ramp and both were finished with high quality slate. A small step was formed to one side of the ramp base at the request of the customer.

    The customer wanted a cobble pattern so London Cobble was advised due to its more contemporary feel and its shallower depth. Arch top fencing was then installed at both sides of the property to complete a wonderful transformation of the driveway.

    You can see more photos in our case study of the project here

    Case Study – Tanners Street

    View of the Pattern Imprinted Concrete from the newly installed decking

    View of the Pattern Imprinted Concrete from the newly installed decking

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete installed at Tanners Street, Ramsbottom in June 2012, the aim of this project was to provide a driveway and incorporate an outdoor living space.

    Firstly the job area was excavated and the frame of the decking was erected. The Pattern Imprinted Concrete area was then prepared around the decking, and aco drainage was fitted and linked to an existing gully which was situated below. The customer chose the Old English Cobble pattern in Dove Grey colour, so that it matched the existing cobble road outside of the property. Once the Pattern Imprinted Concrete was installed the decking area was finished, incorporating steps and a balustrade around the perimeter.

    Behind the decking was an existing wall, which comprised of a number of different old and new brick and looked peculiar. To improve this aesthetically, a timber planter made from deck boards to match the decking was constructed, and added another dimension to an already astonishing transformation.

    You can see more photos in our case study of the project here

    Case Study – Lock Keepers Court

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio

    In May we did a series of installations at Lock Keepers Court in Droylsden. The customers were all members of the same family, and so we gave them a big discount for work on three separate addresses. We have case studies on this website for two of these.

    The first installation was a patio and lawn, for which you can see the case study here. The flags on the patio had started to develop weeds around them, and looked very untidy as a consequence. It was hard work for the customer to maintain the garden, so we gave them three design options, all varying in shape, idea and price range. With these ideas the customer was able to choose an option that suited both their design aspirations and budget. It was advised that platinum silver would be the most effective colour as it would match the window frames, and walkway slate the best pattern so as to match the contemporary feel of the property. The customer also wanted something unique, and so chose to have a compass printed centrally in the patio, which was then carefully stained along with the borders. A section of the garden was then re-turfed completing the new look.

    The second installation was for a patio and decking, for which you can see the case study here. The customer decided that she wanted a predominantly decked area with the incorporation of a shallow step and a 10 metre squared area of pattern imprinted concrete at the foot of the patio. It was advised that Arizona tan would be the most effective colour as it would match the decking area, and a random stone pattern was chosen as part of the project to contrast the straight lines of the decking and to add another dimension to the patio design.

    Maldon Drive – Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Testimonial

    We recently received a testimonial via email from John and Judith Haworth, whose driveway we installed in April. As you can see they are very pleased with their pattern imprinted concrete driveway, and even took the time to send us some photos.

    “Good afternoon Tim, hope you are keeping busy

    I took a couple of the drive before we put the cars on hopefully I have attached them to this email.

    We just wanted to say that we are extremely pleased with the end result. Your site team were always well mannered and well organised. It was fascinating watching the different stages involved and in the end we were glad that we decided to stay and watch .

    We have had such good comments off  the neighbours that I would not be surprised if we see your vans in our vicinity again soon.


    John & Judith Haworth”


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