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    Training Day Moved To 15th June

    We are busy adding the final touches to our classroom, in preparation for our pattern imprinted concrete training day. Due to unforseen circumstances the date has been pushed forward by a week to Saturday the 15th June, but there are still places available if you wish to learn about the installation process of pattern imprinted concrete.

    The course will begin at 9am, with refreshments and lunch included. The booking fee is £25, or alternatively you can just turn up on the the day and pay the £150 + VAT total, but obviously a place will not be guaranteed for you.

    Training Day

    Learn the 'art' of pattern imprinted concrete installation

    Learn the 'art' of pattern imprinted concrete installation

    Places are beginning to fill up for our pattern imprinted concrete training day, but there are still some available. Book now to avoid missing out.

    The course provides a great opportunity to learn how to install and maintain pattern imprinted concrete, one of the fastest growing parts of the uk home improvement sector. There will be a mixture of classroom learning and hands-on practical experience. Everyone is welcome, from novice installers wanting to learn from scratch, to specifiers wanting to gain a greater knowledge of the materials and processes.

    The course starts at 9am on Saturday, 8th June, with the booking fee being £25. If you would like to reserve a place, please phone us on 01706 827180 or email

    Spring Maintenance

    Fully Resealed Driveway

    Fully Resealed Driveway

    Although we had snow in the middle of March this year, it looks like winter has finally gone. Sometimes the weather can affect a driveway, but it is usually only superficial damage.

    If your driveway looks like it needs a facelift, there are a few things that could have caused it. The most common is what we call blooming, which is where moisture has gotten into the sealant. Don’t worry, the concrete underneath is fine and this is easily fixable. The picture above is a resealed driveway which previously had blooming, and as you can see it looks great! We did a blog on this last year which you can see here.

    Another common problem is where the sealant has worn away over time, making the driveway look old and shabby. Be aware that this means the concrete is not protected any more, and we would advise a full reseal in order to protect it from the elements. You can see examples of where maintenance is needed in this blog from last year.

    Your driveway may just have become dull over winter, with the colour not as vibrant as it once was. This is probably just an example of weathering on the seal, and shows that the sealant has been doing its job. A reseal would bring back the full colour of the concrete underneath, and make the driveway look as good as new.

    If you would like some advice about driveway maintenance, or you would like to book a reseal, please phone 01706 827180 or leave a message here.

    Best Blogs Of 2012

    We have looked through our blogs over the last 12 months and picked out the 5 we think are the most interesting and informative.

    1. George and the Dragon

    In this blog from January, we looked at a job we did at St. George’s Primary School in Barrow-in-Furness. We created a dragon themed pattern imprinted concrete playground, which you can see pictures of in the entry.

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Dragon

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Dragon

    2. Essential and Non-Essential Maintenance

    In this blog from February, we looked at whether a pattern imprinted concrete driveway requires essential or non-essential maintenance.

    Non Essential Maintenance

    Non-Essential Maintenance

    3. Installation Of Your Driveway

    In this June blog, we had a quick look at what to do during the installation of your driveway, and how look after it immediately after. The blog entry also has a link to another blog describing how to prepare before we arrive to install your driveway.

    Applying Sealant

    Applying Sealant

    4. Do You Need Planning Permission

    In this November blog we gave you a quick guide as to whether you will need planning permission when having a pattern imprinted driveway installed, or any other work done to your home.

    planning permission

    Do You Need Planning Permission?

    5. A Tribute To Oscar Niemeyer

    In this blog from December, we paid tribute to Oscar Niemeyer, one of the 20th centuries most innovative designers of concrete structures.

    The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum Designed by Niemeyer

    The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum Designed by Niemeyer

    Self-Repairing Concrete


    Concrete Mixed With Bacterial Spores

    Imagine if your pattern imprinted concrete driveway never needed maintenance, and any weathering, cracks and other damage would heal by itself. It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but Dutch scientists are nearly ready to begin tests that could make it a reality.

    Microbiologist Henk Jonkers and concrete technologist Eric Schlangen have been working at Delft Technical University in The Netherlands to engineer the new type of concrete. “In the lab we have been able to show healing of cracks with a width of 0.5mm. Now we are upscaling”, explained Dr Jonkers. They are currently trying to reduce the considerable cost of the process, but they believe that they can do this and be ready to begin testing in around 6 months, with a view to commercialising it in 2-3 years.

    The process works by mixing bacterial spores and the nutrients they feed on into the concrete. When the spores come into contact with water, they begin to feed on the nutrients and produce limestone, which begins to fill the cracks through which the water got in.

    Concrete is the most popular building material in the world, and if the lifespan of it can be significantly extended it should lead to reduced costs and better structures for everyone. If it can be incorporated into pattern imprinted concrete, then we should see significant savings on maintenance in the future.

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