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    Securing your motorbikes and vehicles in your driveway

    Your pattern imprinted concrete driveway looks great, and it is further complemented by an awesome bike sat atop of it, which looks like a bat out of hell and purrs like a pussycat when you turn on the engine. Or maybe you’re more the mountain bike type? Or is yours a moped, or a scooter? Whatever the case, open vehicles bring with them an added concern — security. If you have a garage to secure them away in, then great, but what do you do otherwise? Even if you put a lock through the wheels, there is nothing to stop someone putting your beloved horse of steel on the back of a truck and driving away.

    There are a number of solutions available, which mainly revolve around embedding a secure tethering point in a floor or wall — if you look at a site such as or you’ll see the wide variety of ground and wall anchors available.

    Most of these screw or bolt into brick or concrete, so a concrete driveway or brick wall is an ideal mount point for such a solution. Just have a think about what suits your particular situation in terms of security and aesthetics. Combine such a solution with a hardwearing lock or chain, and you’ll make life very difficult for any would-be thief.

    Concrete Driveways Can Be Stylish

    Concrete might not be the first substance that pops into your head when you think about style. But if you’re looking for a stylish solution to a front garden or driveway design plan, a pattern imprinted concrete drive is the answer.

    We can imprint a wide variety of different patterns into concrete, meaning that your driveway doesn’t have to look run of the mill. And when you combine your pattern of choice with one of the range of colours we offer, you can really start to see the possibilities.

    A CD Designs driveway can improve your property in a number of different ways. Our driveway installations are carried out to the highest possible standards, meaning that you should be free from driveway worries for a long time. All you need to do is remember to reseal your driveway every so often. That should help to keep it looking as good as new.

    And your new driveway will definitely impress your neighbours. The range of finishes available are all based on classic surfacing materials and designs, so there’s no need to worry about your concrete driveway looking ugly or boring. What could be more stylish than a product that looks good and lasts?


    Gravel is tricky stuff. There are some tasks that it’s pretty good for; filling in borders around flowerbeds, for example. Also, it’s useful for drainage purposes. However, gravel driveways – we mean drives surfaced entirely in 6-20mm gravel – can cause problems. Loose gravel can get everywhere, and although gravel will “settle” the longer it’s in one place, that means a gravel drive will later require topping up with more gravel.

    That’s why we’d suggest that at least the area of your driveway which is going to be seeing vehicle traffic is surfaced with pattern imprinted concrete. Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are durable and, once set, should see you right for years (as long as you remember to reseal every two years or so).

    If you’d still like to incorporate gravel into your driveway design, there are a number of different ways of doing so. And, depending on what variety of gravel is available, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a complimentary combination in our range of patterns and colours.

    Unfortunately the case studies section of our website doesn’t contain any examples of pattern imprinted concrete driveways combined with gravel. If it’s something you’re interested in, why not contact us for a free quote? Who knows, your property could be our pattern imprinted concrete and gravel case study!

    Concrete: High Quality, High Value

    Concrete is wonderful stuff. Used all over the world, for all manner of construction tasks, its popularity is proof of its quality. As a building material it can’t be beat; it’s strong, relatively simple to install, and can be adapted to a number of different uses. They used concrete to construct the massive Hoover Dam in America back in the 1930s; we use it to construct domestic and commercial pattern imprinted driveways today, in places like Preston, Urmston and Salford.

    When concrete is poured, it’s remarkably easy to form it into different shapes and forms before it sets hard. That’s how we pattern imprint; concrete is poured to cover the surface area of your driveway (or patio, or other surface…), is treated with a release agent, and then is stamped using modular mats. The release agent prevents the concrete sticking to the mats, meaning the design should be printed clearly and cleanly. A few manual touch ups, an application of sealant, and there you are: a pattern imprinted concrete driveway.

    Pattern imprinted concrete means you can get a hard surfaced area that looks like it cost a lot more – in time as well as money – than it actually did. And that wouldn’t be possible without concrete. Like we said, it’s wonderful stuff.

    Suitable For Old And New Homes

    During our travels around the North West installing driveways for our customers, one thing has become apparent; the wide variety of different houses and other properties that you can find in every town. Admittedly, in certain areas there are a lot of identical buildings all built in the same period. However, it’d be an unusual neighbourhood that didn’t have at least a couple of eye-catching old houses.

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveway with gate

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveway with gate

    The flexibility in design that’s offered by pattern imprinted concrete means that we can provide a surfacing solution that’ll suit any home. The extensive range of patterns that we can imprint on the concrete, combined with the palette of colours available, means that there’s a massive amount of potential finishes available.

    If you take a look at some of the patterns we use, and some of our case studies for examples of work we’ve already provided, you’ll see that we can cover everything from traditional to modern surfacing looks. You’d be surprised at which combinations of pattern and colour work best with different kinds of property; we’ll be more than happy to help you choose.

    We understand that issues like that are a matter of personal taste. But there’s one thing everyone likes; a job well done. That’s why every one of our installations is completed to the highest possible specifications.

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