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    In the popular (and long-running) Australian soap-opera Neighbours, the inhabitants of Ramsay Street spend an unusually large amount of time on their driveways. They bump into each other outside their houses at the most convenient – or inconvenient – times.

    But imagine, if you can bear it, an alternative universe in which the unlucky souls who live in Erinsborough find it impossible to hold their out-of-doors arguments and romantic whispering. A universe in which their driveways are ugly patches of sun-baked dirt. A universe, a Ramsay Street, without concrete driveways.

    Although concrete is never the star of the show – except in some trade or D.I.Y DVDs – it’s interesting to imagine a few famous films, television shows, and even great works of literature which would be different with the addition or subtraction of concrete.

    Modern action films like the Matrix trilogy, or Die Hard 4.0 would suffer. Their high octane car-chase sequences would become much more sedate affairs; no concrete means no spaghetti junction to race around, no high motorway bridge to dangle from, and no central reservation to scrape along.

    Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee in Tolkein’s Lord of The Rings trilogy would’ve found their journey to Mordor a much simpler undertaking if they’d been able to set off from a concrete driveway, and walk along a concrete road.

    Moving from fantasy to comedy, imagine how much prouder of her run down house on Evergreen Terrace Marge Simpson would be if they invested a little of Homer’s beer money in a concrete driveway out front, and resurfaced the patio in their backyard.

    Speaking of roads, how many man-hours (or should that be Munchkin hours?) of labour could’ve been saved if the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz had been made of dyed pattern imprinted concrete? Of course, the resulting song probably wouldn’t have been quite as catchy as the original…

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