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    Accidents Can Happen… Removing Stains from Your Concrete Driveway

    As the title says, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Spillages will happen, or your automobile will leak, and suddenly you’ve got a puddle of something-or-other to deal with. Concrete driveways are hard-wearing, especially once they’ve been sealed, but they can still be affected by some compounds. This can lead to cosmetic discolouration.

    The first thing to do if you notice a stain or spill is to mop it up. Absorb any liquid – oil from a leaking vehicle, for example – with rags or something similar. Make sure you don’t scrub at the stain, as this might cause it to spread.

    After you’ve removed of any liquid sitting on the surface, you can cover the affected area with sawdust, talcum powder, cat litter, or another granular substance. Anything which has small particles and is absorbent should do the trick. Leave it for while, and it should become discoloured as it draws the liquid out of the concrete.

    You’ll want to reapply your absorbent of choice until it stops being discoloured; this indicates that it’s sucked up as much as possible. After that, you can brush down the surface of the concrete and give it a wash with soap and water.

    If the stain is still present, or you’re dealing with a more persistent stain like one caused by contact with rusting metal, there are a number of acidic cleaning products available. You should always test a cleaning or stain-removing product on a small patch of concrete first. This is because there’s a slight risk of these products themselves causing discolouration.

    Most stains can be completely dealt with, provided you get to work on them reasonably quickly. Sometimes, however, the stain will be impossible to remove entirely. In cases like these you can consider removing the affected area and patching it with fresh concrete. Once this new concrete patch has set and cured, it’ll be a slightly different colour compared to the concrete surrounding it.

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