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    Things You Never Knew About Concrete Part 2

    Concrete isn’t afraid to embrace its feminine side.

    Fashion is a strange and wonderful world. Modern fashion designers aren’t shy about lifting design ideas, materials, and manufacturing techniques from a variety of other industries.  And sometimes the results are disastrous. We’ve all seen photographs of ridiculous cat-walk costumes with sky-high price-tags.

    Sometimes, though, “concept” fashion can be bang on. Here’s an example: it might sound like a recipe for disaster, but it turns out that combining concrete with a wedding dress results in something pretty fetching. The concrete shells that make up this wedding dress are an example of what can be achieved when someone with great design skills exploits concrete’s numerous impressive properties.

    So. You can make dresses with concrete. But that’s not all; thanks to Girli Concrete the line between concrete and textiles is becoming more than a little blurry. Through a combination of expertise from textile design and architectural disciplines, the team behind Girli Concrete™ and Tactility Factory™ have created something quite special.

    Their ‘soft’ building surfaces integrate textiles with concrete, creating something which is appealing to the eye and to the touch. While you probably wouldn’t want to surface your driveway with it – our pattern imprinted concrete would be a better bet – it’s still impressive.

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