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    Concrete Imprinted With Wood Patterns

    Decking is becoming an increasingly regular sight in peoples’ gardens. We can install traditional wooden decking as part of our services. A lot of our customers like to combine wooden decking with a pattern imprinted concrete patio. This creates a two-level area that’s perfect for BBQs and garden parties.

    We’re fans of wooden decking, and we think it’s a really good addition to most back garden projects. However, for those who are interested in the look of decking but would prefer to stick with one material, there is an answer.

    You see, the patterns we can imprint into concrete aren’t limited to classic stone surfacing patterns like Ashlar Slate and Herringbone Brick. We can also imprint concrete to look like wood. The combination or pattern and colour means that you can have an area of concrete which looks like decking, but has the unique properties of concrete.

    Pattern imprinted concrete will age differently to wooden decking, but well installed decking should last for a long time. It’s a matter of taste really, and may also depend on the specifications of the job. It’s something you should discuss with your contractor. If you’re interested in discussing this or any other pattern imprinted concrete ideas, remember that we offer free, no obligation quotes, and are easy to contact.

    Concrete Driveways Can Be Stylish

    Concrete might not be the first substance that pops into your head when you think about style. But if you’re looking for a stylish solution to a front garden or driveway design plan, a pattern imprinted concrete drive is the answer.

    We can imprint a wide variety of different patterns into concrete, meaning that your driveway doesn’t have to look run of the mill. And when you combine your pattern of choice with one of the range of colours we offer, you can really start to see the possibilities.

    A CD Designs driveway can improve your property in a number of different ways. Our driveway installations are carried out to the highest possible standards, meaning that you should be free from driveway worries for a long time. All you need to do is remember to reseal your driveway every so often. That should help to keep it looking as good as new.

    And your new driveway will definitely impress your neighbours. The range of finishes available are all based on classic surfacing materials and designs, so there’s no need to worry about your concrete driveway looking ugly or boring. What could be more stylish than a product that looks good and lasts?

    Excellent For Fixing Your Car

    Are you a bit of a home mechanic? If you know your way around an engine, it can often work out to be cheaper – and more satisfying – to fix your own problems, instead of turning your vehicle over to a garage. Mind you, if you don’t know what you’re doing you can cause yourself a lot of misery… As with everything DIY, there are a few things that should definitely be left to the specialists – like, for example, installing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway.

    If you do fix your own car, and do it quite regularly, a pattern imprinted concrete driveway should be right up your street. A durable and regular surface is exactly what you need for rolling around on a creeper trolly or jacking up a car to change a wheel.

    You will have to watch out for spillages though; the sealant we use on our pattern imprinted concrete driveways is tough stuff, but you don’t want to let it be compromised by chemical compounds like oil and brake fluid. As long as you clean up spillages promptly, it should be fine, and won’t have anywhere near the effect that the same spillages could have on tarmacadam. Interested? Take a look around our website for more information, and please feel free to contact us for costs.

    Make It Easier For Your Postie

    It must be tough sometimes, being a post-person. If cartoons have taught us anything, it’s that dogs hate posties with a passion; something that’s been proven to be true in real life as well.

    So with vicious or over-friendly dogs to deal with on a daily basis, shouldn’t we all do our bit to make posties lives a bit easier? And of course, this goes for other delivery people as well. Getting a new driveway is one of a few things you could do for them. It needs to be level, well positioned, well installed, and touch enough not to crack or crumble; after all, you wouldn’t want someone to trip over on the way to your front door would you? And if this surface is lovely to look at, well… that’s an added bonus isn’t it?

    We guess you know where we’re going with this: A pattern imprinted concrete driveway has all of these characteristics. And while we know that looking after your postie isn’t likely to be the biggest factor you take into account when you’re planning on investing money in your property, we are addressing a serious point. Your driveway is an important part of your property, and it needs to be fit for use. Our pattern imprinted concrete driveways are made from tough stuff (concrete isn’t known for being weak), and are treated with a non-slip admixture to make them extra safe for foot traffic. Provided they’re resealed every 2 to 5 years, they should stay that way.

    Pleasing The Estate Agents

    At the end of the day, estate agents want exactly the same thing a home owners; they want properties to sell, and they want them to sell for a decent amount of money. See; we’re not so different after all.

    Estate agents are always looking out for those extra features that are going to bump up your property’s resale value. A pattern imprinted concrete driveway definitely ticks that box. A freshly installed pattern imprinted concrete driveway is going to last a long time, especially if it’s well looked after. So any potential buyers will be able to rest assured that they aren’t going to have to worry about exterior surfacing for years to come.

    And that’s before we even get to how good a pattern imprinted concrete driveway can look. A well installed, well designed imprinted concrete driveway really pulls the exterior of a property together. It adds what estate agents call “curb appeal”; it’s that wow factor that can really win over people visiting your property.

    And as we’ve said above, pattern imprinted concrete driveways last for a long time. So even if you aren’t thinking of moving just yet, putting some money into your driveway is a sensible investment to make.

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