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    Solar Driveway Markers

    Solar lights are already popular with many gardeners as a low energy way to light a garden or patio in the evening, whether as small lanterns pushed into the soil, or fairy lights strung around a seating area. The technology is becoming ever cheaper and the lights more durable and exotically designed.

    An interesting new product in this line is the solar driveway marker, which would be an excellent feature alongside any pattern imprinted concrete driveway for extra night time visibility. The markers are a metre tall and stick in the ground. They are fully charged by the sun and emit a clear red glow for eight hours overnight.

    Valuable dotted along concrete driveways as something pretty and attractive, these solar markers also have functional uses for houses without outdoor lighting, street lighting – or in areas prone to snow!

    Offering a guide for drivers parking up on their pattern-imprinted concrete driveways, these solar lights offer the additional benefit of requiring no maintenance beyond placing them into the ground, running on only 12 volts and being fully weather proof. They don’t even need full sun in the day – regular light is enough to power them each night, and their LED bulbs emit a surprisingly powerful punch at night.

    They’re definitely worth a try for any household keen to increase visibility on their driveway at night without spending  a fortune – and they look pretty good too!

    Concrete Reflector Enhancer

    If you want your decorative concrete projects to be more appealing to the eye, durable and low cost, one solution that could be right up your street is Elite Crete’s Reflector Enhancer.

    This comes in the form of clear epoxy resin and polymer cement, and can be applied over the top of most concrete flooring, including pattern imprinted concrete driveways. This technique provides a brilliant shine that will add class and a professional design finish to even the most mundane of projects.

    Many flooring types are difficult or impossible to bring up in a bright reflective sheen on their own, but this is the beauty of Elite Crete Reflector Enhancer – it is simple to apply to virtually any surface using the detailed guide made available by the Elite Crete master craftsmen.

    The way it works means that you can use an unlimited variety of colours and patterns in your designs, from simple clear reflections to multi-colour mottled patterning, creating a variety of effects from lava to ocean floor, limited only by your imagination!

    In addition, it has greater durability than most other flooring projects, is easy to clean and maintain, and provides a cost effective solution for any commercial, industrial or residential pattern imprinted concrete driveway project.

    Manholes: Drainage Access Is Important

    When we install a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, we make sure to deal with drainage access issues properly. If there’s drainage access in your driveway, or in the area that you want to extend your drive into, you don’t want it blocked over. You never know when it might be necessary to open that manhole up. That’s why any good pattern imprinted concrete driveway contractor will take drainage and manhole access very seriously indeed.

    The Complete Driveway Designs team are well versed when it comes to integrating manhole covers into pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios. If you know what you’re doing, it’s possible to integrate a manhole cover into a pattern imprinted concrete driveway and have an end result which is remarkably unobtrusive. If you take a look through our case studies, you’ll see a number of examples of pattern imprinted concrete driveways in which integrating – and concealing – one or more manhole covers has been part of the job. It’s simple when you know how.

    If you have any particular issues or concerns when it comes to the drainage access in your new driveway, we should be able to answer all of your questions. And remember, we offer free, no obligation quotations.

    Steps And Cobbles.

    Although pattern imprinted concrete driveways are our main focus, we are also skilled in other construction tasks. We find that for every “simple” pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation that we perform, there’ll be another one where what the customer wants will necessitate more than installing the drive. Of course, we enjoy both types of project, and can confidently say that we’ve got a lot of very satisfied customers around the northwest.

    In more complicated projects, ones where the customer wants two levels of surfacing for example – our abilities with stone walls, integrated steps, and even traditional surfacing like cobbles can come into play. During your design consultation with one of our team, which is part of getting a quote from us, you’ll be able to get a detailed explanation of how our abilities and experience matches up to your requirements.

    patio with steps and wall

    patio with steps and wall

    If you’d like to see some photos of projects that we’ve already completed, take a look around the case studies section of our website. The Calder Close case study is a good example of our work with both pattern imprinted concrete and steps, creating an attractive and durable social area. Again, if you’d like any more information, please feel to contact us.

    Lighting And Other Additions To Concrete Driveways

    At CD Designs we understand that every driveway is different. Our experience and practical skills mean we can perform a wide variety of tasks in order to provide you with the pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio that you want. And we’re more than happy to put in additional features at the same time as we’re installing and imprinting your driveway. From steps and drainage to fences and gates, if you want, we’ll do it.

    The same goes for other driveway accessories that aren’t listed on our website. Driveway lights, for example. Driveway lighting, as well as providing some useful illumination at night, is good for front gardens, or gardens which adjoin a side-driveway, which also have a social space like a patio or an area of decking.

    If you’ve got a particular accessory that you want – maybe you’ve already bought it and just need someone to install it – then we can do that for you. If you know you want a particular feature but don’t know where to get it from, we can source and price them for you. And if it’s something really exotic that requires a specialist… well, we’ve got a lot of friends in the construction business and we’re sure we’ll be able to find a specialist who’s right for the job.

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