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    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Maintenance Advice

    Proper maintenance of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway is essential to how long it will last and how good it will look in the future. Here are some simple dos and don’ts when maintaining your driveway, and some tips for when something goes wrong.

    Don’t put salt on your driveway. This will start to eat away at the seal and eventually the concrete. Wash any salt that may get on your driveway through road gritting off immediately.

    Do wash off dirt and stains as soon as possible. Use soapy water for the simple stuff, and a de-greaser for oil stains. For more persistent stains a wire brush can be used.

    Don’t put and kind of weed-killers or pesticides on your driveway. When using them around your garden, be careful not to let any run off onto your concrete. If any gets on simply wash it off with water as soon as possible.

    Do reseal your driveway when needed. Take a look at our information on when resealing is necessary. Some customers expect their driveways to look as good as new without any maintenance, but with good housekeeping your driveway will look great for many years to come.

    Don’t drag garden furniture or other heavy objects over your driveway. This will scratch the seal, but don’t worry the concrete underneath will still be fine. A reseal will be needed to get rid of the scratches.

    For any maintenance problems don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to help.

    Maintaining and Caring For Your Driveway

    When you’ve spent a hard-earned chuck of cash on a great looking pattern imprinted concrete driveway, you’ll want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible, so you can enjoy it for years or even decades to come. There are a few simple maintenance tips to follow for success: let’s have a look shall we?


    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Reseal

    First, make sure it is sealed properly to start with, with a sealant suitable for the specific surface you’ve got. This is necessary to protect both the colour and the structural integrity. You should also ask your contractor about crack control joints before work starts – properly positioned and cut crack control joints will minimise cracking and other structural problems. These are especially important around weak points, for example when the driveway has to go around a drain or manhole.

    You also need to reseal your driveway at regular intervals – this should be about every 2 to 5 years, but what’s best for you will depend on a number of aspects of the installation. Talk to us to get exact advice on what you need! We even offer a complete resealing service, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Amongst other things, regular sealing can stop unwanted plant growth – pattern imprinted concrete suffers from this a lot less than other types of ground coverage like paving, as there are no natural joints. There is still a chance however, as moss can grow into pores, and other plants can exploit weak points, which may lead to cracks. Reseal regularly to avoid such problems.

    Take care also to avoid prolonged exposure of your driveway to any corrosive substances that might cause damage. Substances that you’ll be likely to find near your driveway include oil, chemical de-icers and cleaners, and grit/salt. It’s better to use sand to provide traction in winter, and to wash away any such spills.

    Resealing Prevents Algae And Moss On Concrete Driveways

    Nature is a pretty resilient thing. Of course, it’s very important to be ecologically aware, and people are increasingly acting “green”. This is, we’re sure you’ll agree, good news for the planet.

    On a small scale at least, nature continues to do what it does best. This is particularly true when it comes to plant growth. It’s the reason why home owners have to resign themselves to tasks like weeding; nature is hardy, and if something gets a chance to grow, it probably will. If you’ve purchased a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, you should have fewer problems than people who chose other surfacing options. But be aware; over time, moss and algae can still be an unsightly nuisance.

    There’s a one word answer: resealing. Applying sealant to the surface of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway blocks the pores in the surface of the concrete. This makes it a very inhospitable environment for plant growth.

    Your contractor should seal your pattern imprinted concrete driveway as the final part of the installation process. It’s important that you have you pattern imprinted concrete driveway resealed every 5 years at the very least.

    You should also keep your driveway clean. Don’t worry; it doesn’t need to be done weekly. An occasional clean with a stiff-bristled brush and/or a pressure washer (set to fan, not pencil, to avoid damaging the sealant) should do it.

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