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    Best Blogs of 2013

    Once again we have looked over our blog entries for the last 12 months, and picked out our favourite 5 for you. Click on the headlines to read the full articles.

    1. Movers and Shakers

    Mover & Shaker

    From January. To coincide with our move to our new offices in Ramsbottom, we were awarded with bestofbury’s ‘Movers and Shakers’ award.

    2. All-Weather Landscaping

    From April. We braved a March snowstorm to do some landscaping work in Bowden, Manchester.

    3. Spring Maintenance


    Another one from April. Although Spring is a while away, it’s worth revisiting this blog about what to do if the Winter weather has taken its toll on your driveway.

    4. Case Study – Hollywell, Wales

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway, Holywell

    From June. Our favourite and largest case study of the year was this pattern imprinted concrete driveway and patio in Hollywell, Wales.

    5. Caxton Gibbet McDonald’s

    Caxton Gibbet 1900

    From October. This Halloween themed blog entry tells of a McDonald’s drive-thru we installed in Caxton in September, and of the gruesome history of its location.

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    New Drive-thru Contracts

    Concrete Being Pumped

    Concrete Being Pumped

    Although the majority of the pattern imprinted concrete work that we do is on driveways and patios, we have also done more commercial installations with our McDonald’s and KFC drive-thru’s, which you can see in our case studies section here. We are delighted to announce that we have just won the contracts to supply and fit the concrete for two more McDonald’s Drive-Thru restaurants, one in Nottingham and the other in Audenshaw.

    All Hands On Deck!

    All Hands On Deck!

    These specialist jobs require a slightly different specification in terms of the size, materials used and techniques employed, but the basic principles are exactly the same. The extra load that a drive-thru gets requires that the concrete is 50% thicker, and a steel mesh is employed within the concrete to further strengthen it. The concrete itself is exactly the same consistency as we use for domestic driveways, and it is imprinted and finished in exactly the same manner.

    Work on the Nottingham drive-thru was started on Friday, and as you can see in the photos is going very well. We will have a full case study for you to look at once the job is complete. We start work on the Audenshaw project in March.

    Testimonial And Case Study

    Finished Pattern Imprinted Driveway

    Finished Pattern Imprinted Driveway

    Last month we received a lovely testimonial from a customer whose pattern imprinted concrete driveway we installed in Denton in December. It came via our partners at The Best Of Bury, who gather reviews about local businesses and show them on their site. The review from Karen H reads:

    Professional and friendly service, workers tidy and on time. My new driveway looks fabulous and I’m getting a lot of compliments from friends and neighbours. I just wish I’d had it done sooner.’

    New Drainage System Installation

    New Drainage System Being Installed

    For the installation of the driveway, first the existing driveway was broken up and dug out. Next a trench was dug on the left hand side of the drive for the new drainage system. Pipework was laid in this trench, which connected the existing drains to the front of the driveway where the new Aco drainage was to be fitted. The whole area was then levelled, and the Aco drainage fitted and connected. A new brick wall was built at the front of the property complete with two pillars at either side, new fencing was erected, and a small step was installed at the doorway using KL blocks. Concrete was poured into the step along with the rest of the driveway, which was then coloured, patterned and sealed, and a full clean was given to the whole area to finish.

    We have made a full case study including pictures of the driveway in question, which you can see here.

    Cheshire Court – Testimonial

    This project was a blast from the past. Installed in 2010, we were installing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway on the same street in May 2012. We called round to see if our customer was enjoying their pattern imprinted driveway two years on and they were delighted to see us, inviting us to take some pictures of the driveway that they are rightfully proud of. Incidentally the project on the same street was a property we had previously installed a driveway for and had returned to install a patio, proving that customer care pays off.

    The driveway was installed using Dove Grey colour hardener, Charcoal release agent and Ashlar Slate pattern. The driveway was finished by applying an acid stain to the borders to create definition and effectively a frame for the pattern imprinted concrete artwork within.

    We cannot take all the credit for this job looking so well after two years. The customers have looked after their driveway and followed the advice given in our user guide, proving that this product always looks its best when it is looked after.

    You can see the case study for the driveway here

    Pattern imprinted concrete case study; Ashton-In-Makerfield

    Garden With Furniture

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio

    We were very excited when we booked this job in Ashton-In-Makerfield.  Joan and Fred contacted us via our website, wanting a complete re-design of the outside of their house – front garden, back garden and driveway, as well as the paths connecting them.  They got quotes from several companies, some cheaper than ours, but chose us because of the quality of our previous work.

    The original drive was tarmac, which we dug up and replaced with a pattern imprinted concrete driveway with an Old English pattern.  For the front garden, we designed a twin circle feature with plants in each, and the London Cobble path running between.  This connects to a pattern imprinted path at the side of the house, again in London Cobble which goes well with the flowers planted alongside.  Finally the back garden and patio were re-concreted with an Old English pattern, working around and complimenting the existing garden.  We also added some fencing in the back garden, as well as straiten the driveway gate so that it opened properly.

    The overall project looked great, and Joan and Fred were delighted with the results. View more pictures of the finished pattern imprinted concrete project.

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