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    What you should ask pattern imprinted concrete driveway installers

    At CD Designs, we pride ourselves on being professional, reliable and helpful, and possessing the right skills to ensure that every customer, whether domestic or commercial, we work for comes away more than satisfied. I’m sure you’ll agree that our pattern imprinted concrete driveway testimonials and our pattern imprinted concrete driveway case studies speak for themselves.

    However, when hiring any concrete contractor, you need to ask the right questions to start with, not only to make sure that you think the contractor is trustworthy and will do a good job, but also to make sure that you and the contractor understand exactly what it is you want, so that the end result lives up to your expectations.

    Before hiring:

    1. Ask the contractor for a certificate completion of trade, references and a portfolio. A reliable contractor will be more than happy to prove their worth.

    2. Ask them if they have suitable compensation and liability insurance that will cover them if they are injured on your property, or cause accidental damage while carrying out work.

    3. Ask to see a work schedule and payment terms before they start, so you have a good idea of when the work should start and finish, and how you should pay for it.

    4. Ask what warranty they will give the work, and what they will charge for future maintenance of the drive when the work has gone outside the warranty period.

    Planning/During/After the work:

    1. Discuss the plans in detail: the area to be concreted, concrete mixture, patterns, colours, sealing, finishes, paint, etc. Make sure no detail is left unclear once the work starts.

    2. Tell the contractor what vehicles are likely to use the driveway regularly, and ask what depth the concrete should be, as a result. The average concrete driveway is four inches deep, but regular usage by heavy vehicles may require more.

    3. Ask for concrete, not cement, if you want concrete! The two differ.

    4. After the work is finished, ask the contractor for instructions on how to look after the concrete in the short term and long term.

    CD Designs are Master Craftsmen!

    CD Designs join the coveted Guild of Master Craftsmen

    CD Designs join the coveted Guild of Master Craftsmen

    Hey there concrete fans! This month the CD Designs office is in the throws of a big party. We’ve got the bubbly and streamers out to celebrate the fact that we’ve been accepted into the Guild of Master Craftsmen! This is a real badge of honour for us, as it recognises the quality of our work, and the dedication we have to perfecting our craft, moving the quality of pattern imprinted concrete forwards and upwards. The Guild is the UK’s leading trade association, and lists its members in a database of reputable tradespeople found at

    For getting this prestigious award, we have a major group of people to give thanks to — our loyal customers. Getting there hasn’t been easy — each applicant to the Guild is taken through a thorough checking procedure, whereby the Guild council of management requests confidential references from satisfied customers, and asks them the question — “would you be happy to recommend the applicant to a relative or close friend.” The references are considered, while the Guild checks to make sure other criteria are met. Only then can membership be assured.

    So thank you, to all our customers! We owe it all to you.

    Pattern Imprinted Driveways In Bolton

    Bolton is a large town with a rich and interesting history, and beautiful and diverse surroundings. It is situated near the West Pennine Moors, and enjoys close proximity to Manchester. Historically it is known as a prosperous part of the textile industry, with Flemish weavers establishing a cotton and wool tradition during the 15th century, and the industrial revolution ushering in a boom of textile manufacture in the 19th and early 20th century. Further back in time it also played a significant role in the English Civil War (1642–1651), as a Parliamentarian outpost in the middle of Royalist territory.

    CD Designs is based in Bury: as a result, we’re well situated to serve customers in Bolton and other parts of the North West requiring pattern imprinted concrete driveway installations. Our professional work is regarded as some of the best in the industry – we have a highly skilled design and installation team capable of creating a large variety of driveways, patios and more.

    Old english cobble provides a traditional feel with the stables and farmhouse

    Cobble Effect Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway

    Take a look at the case studies section of our website to see what we are capable of. We are confident that our work speaks for itself, and that you’ll be happy to put your trust in us.

    New Case Studies

    There are some changes afoot on this here website. We’ve recently completed a job lot of new case studies, covering pattern imprinted concrete driveways and pattern imprinted concrete patios that we’ve completed for clients. Depending on when you’re reading this blog, they first lot are either about to go live, or are up on the site already.

    And there are more case studies coming. At Complete Driveway Designs we work hard to satisfy our customers, and that pays off: word of mouth means that we completed a lot of pattern imprinted concrete driveway installations every year. So we’ve got a lot of case studies to share with you. We’ll be regularly uploading new sets of photographs showing work we’ve completed.

    We’re doing this so you have an idea of what to expect during the time we’re working at your property. And, of course, so you can see real life examples of finished pattern imprinted concrete driveways. We understand that you’re canny folk, and that no matter how much we tell you about the benefits of pattern imprinted concrete as a surfacing material, you’ll want to see photographs of the finished product.

    So, keep checking our case studies to see examples of the quality of our work. And if you see anything that you really like, or have any questions about the design, installation or maintenance of pattern imprinted concrete driveways, please feel free to get in touch.  We also offer free, no obligation quotations using a simple online form.

    Home Improvements To Avoid

    A while ago, the Royal Mail group released the findings of some research that they’d carried out. This wasn’t your usual “top ten” list of home improvements… quite the opposite in fact. It was a list of the least desirable home improvements, according to the home owners they questioned.

    What topped the list? Apparently, the home addition that people liked least was a “del-boy style” built in bar. Which surprises us, to be honest. Obviously, anything that’s “del-boy style” should probably be treated with caution. But we didn’t expect the result to be an interior bar. A poorly installed driveway, that we could understand.

    A badly installed driveway looks terrible and isn’t fit for purpose. Conversely, a well installed pattern imprinted concrete driveway will make your property move attractive, will last for years, and will be a joy to park on. Take a look at our case studies for some examples of finished pattern imprinted concrete driveway installations.

    The article contains a load more interesting facts and statistics; it’s available here. There are some interesting tips for people who are looking to do up their property in order to sell it. It’s worth a read. Of course, our number one tip would be: get in touch with Complete Driveway Designs, and get your driveway sorted ASAP.

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