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    Sports you can play on your new concrete driveway

    Despite the recent snow’s attempts to persuade us all otherwise, spring and summer are on their way. And although it might feel like they’ll never get here, they will, we promise. With spring and summer comes sunny weather (hopefully), and sunny weather means you’ll be getting a lot more use out of the great outdoors.

    You don’t have to go on a holiday to enjoy the sunshine; you don’t even need to leave your street. With a pattern imprinted concrete driveway you’ve got a durable and regular surface. And if the sun’s beaming down, why not make the most of it? Burn off a few of those BBQ calories with some concrete driveway based exercise; have a cement sports-day.

    Obviously, concrete isn’t the softest thing to land on, so that sadly rules out full-contact sports like rugby and American football, unless you’re happy with the slightly more gentle “tag” versions of those games. Basketball, however, could practically have been invented for playing on a concrete drive; hence the number of different free standing, base-weighted basketball hoops that you can buy.

    When Wimbledon rolls around, why not have a go at some driveway-tennis – it’s closely related to lawn-tennis, you know. And, of course, there’s always football. Though you might not want to play heads-and-volleys; an over energetic kick could spell doom for one of your windows. In fact, that might make football one sport that’s better off played down the park…

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