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    Tree Roots And Driveways

    Trees bring a lot to a property, and having some nice mature trees in your front or back garden can even increase the resale property of your home. But as lovely as trees may be to look t, they can cause a few problems.

    Tree roots can cause issues with driveways, as they can cause ground movement leading to cracking. They can also make excavations difficult. So it’s important to take into account any potential issues with mature or maturing trees if you’re thinking of having a pattern imprinted concrete driveway installed.

    If you have any concerns about tree roots, talk to your contractor. If they’re on the ball, they’ll be able to pick up on any tree root issues (or any other issues) that you aren’t in a position to recognise. They should be able to advise you on any necessary steps to deal with tree roots.

    If you’ve got deciduous trees instead of evergreen, you’ll be well aware that, around this time of year, clearing up leaves can become a real chore. Cleaning dropped leaves off pattern imprinted concrete is considerably easier than raking them up on a lawn or a loose driveway like gravel or slate chippings.

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