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    Bury’s ‘Most Loved’ Driveways and Patios

    Ian and Ben receiving the award

    Ian and Ben receiving the award

    During February we were delighted to find out that we were the ‘Most Loved’ driveway and patio business in Bury on thebestofbury website. They were running a promotion called ‘14 Days Of Love’, a Valentine’s Day tie-in finding the best businesses in the area based on the number of recommendations that they got, and we came top. Not only were we the most recommended driveway and patio company in Bury, we were the third most in the entire country!

    We’re thankful that so many of you are finding the time to give a review of our work, and delighted that you are so pleased with it. We will continue to give you the best driveways and patios possible, and in doing so hope to get many more reviews, so that by this time next year we will be number one in the country.

    Industry Wide Price Increases

    Concrete Price Rise

    Last month we were informed by one of our concrete suppliers Cemex that they are going to be increasing their prices at the start of 2013. The reasons given were that the combination of increased input costs such as rising fuel prices and investment in new equipment, along with the additonal costs of new EU legislation when Phase 3 of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme comes into effect, has left their business model unsubstainable for the future. Therefore they will have to pass the cost on to their customers.

    Along with the new EU laws are existing laws like the Carbon Reduction Commitment and the Carbon Floor Price, which will also contribute to the increased costs. These costs will be the same for any company, and although we have not heard from our other suppliers, they may also have to raise their prices.

    Here at CD Designs, we will try our best to not pass on any increased costs for our pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios to our customers, but at the end of the day as with any business, if this is not sustainable we may have to regretably increase our base costs.

    Rumours Of Work Parking Tax?

    There have been some rumours recently concerning possible plan to introduce a workplace parking tax. According to news reports, it’s a council-level scheme to reduce congestion as well as raise funds. If the schemes are launched (one has already started in Nottingham) employers will be taxed £250 per employee parking space if they have more than 11 already. More information is available here.

    The Local Government Association is playing down reports of the scheme – read the article linked to above for more information. While we’re not trying to play on people’s fears, workplace parking can be an issue. A lot of people use public transport for their commute, and, provided you can access your workplace by public transport, it can pay off in terms of costs. And it’s environmentally friendly, which is no bad thing.

    If you are going to leave your car at home, you want to be able to park it on a solid surface which looks as good as the rest of your property. That’s where a Complete Driveway Designs pattern imprinted concrete driveway comes in handy. Installed to the highest possible standards and available in any combination of available pattern and colour, our pattern imprinted concrete driveways are excellent value for money.

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