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    Nine Uses for concrete inside your home – It’s Not Just Good For Driveways

    As our regular readers will know well by now, we are very passionate about creating pattern imprinted concrete driveways, patios, and other external home features that will amaze and delight. But we are also very interested in exploring other uses of our favourite building material. In this article we’ll explore nine alternative uses of concrete around the home.

    1. Concrete is great for work surfaces and counter tops. You can get it looking like just about any material you want given the right combination of pattern imprints, colours and stains, and you can seal it to make it hard wearing and long lasting.
    2. Concrete flooring is also a good choice, with patterns available for tiling effects and any other look you might want.
    3. Kitchen accessories in simple shapes, like hooks and small shelves, are perfect candidates for concrete construction. You can create these easily using moulds, and mould making kits are available from most craft stores.
    4. We have recently also seen bathroom sinks and larger shelving units being cast from concrete. With a water proof seal and some suitable paint, you can make these look great and stand the test of time, even in wet conditions.
    5. You can also make a great Fireplace out of concrete – it has got what it takes in terms of heat resistance and creating the right kind of look.
    6. What about concrete wall coverings? It is a perfect material for the job, especially if you want to create some kind of rugged or industrial look.
    7. It may sound like a raw deal, but believe us, concrete furniture – done right – is a lot more comfortable than it sounds.
    8. Faked wood! There are times when you’ll want to fake other materials using concrete, wood being one of the most obvious. You might wan to do this for reasons of cost of strength, but whatever the case concrete can provide a great alternative for real wood panels, decking, or other items.
    9. Recently there has also been a rise in the use of concrete for insulation – with insulating concrete forms being used to build foundation walls of houses. These consist of high density foam filled with concrete and steel reinforcements, to create a very strong, very effective insulator.

    Glittery Gritz, for Concrete Glitz!

    We’ve covered a lot of different pattern imprinted concrete techniques on the CD Designs blog, from the conservative to the creative, and from the sublime to the ridiculous. But here we’ve got a unique and very special effect to share: glittery concrete! Maybe you are a fan of musicals or cabaret (are you Frank ‘n’ Furter?), or maybe you just love it loud (your decor, that is). Whatever the exact details, if this sounds anything like you then you’re gonna love this!

    Glittery Concrete Floor; We're Fans

    Glittery Concrete Floor; We're Fans

    To achieve such a result, it really doesn’t take that much effort beyond a normal concrete sealing treatment. Pop down to your local DIY store and get a regular floor coating kit. Everything you will do to apply it is completely standard, except that instead of adding a subtle treatment for decoration and texture (normally a few multicoloured flecks), you should mix in a good few bottles of glitter, the kind that you can buy in any kids’ craft shop.

    Apply the coating treatment, flatten it all out and get it all even, and then sweep off any excess. When the coating has set, you should just seal it all in with a standard clear sealant, and you’re done!

    Image via Diary of a Crafty Chica

    Fancy Interior Floors

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are becoming increasingly popular. But concrete doesn’t have to stay outside. It’s a versatile flooring material as well. Previously on this blog we’ve written about incorporating a pattern imprinted concrete garage floor into a driveway installation. This could also be done with conservatories, depending on design and build factors.

    But we’ve come across some examples of interior concrete flooring that are a little bit more exotic than simple garage floors. These floors are fancy. They utilise the fact that coloured concrete can be poured in bands and fields, meaning that a massive variety of different shapes and effects are possible. They also make full use of the extensive palette of colours available to concrete contractors.

    There are some excellent examples of different concrete finishes on that page. Polished concrete, or concrete which has been treated with other admixtures, can look miles different from traditional grey concrete. We’re particularly impressed by the Ferrari logo on that page, which shows exactly how much detail it’s possible to get when you’re using concrete. It’s also an example of how commercial customers are embracing concrete as a high impact interior product as well as an excellent utilitarian construction material. And, hey, if it’s good enough for Ferrari, it’s good enough for us!

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