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    Feng Shui Driveways

    There are a lot of things you need to take into account when you’re planning your driveway. That’s why at CD Designs we do as much as possible to help you with the planning of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway. We’re spot on when it comes to practical issues like necessary excavation depths, driveway drainage, crack control joints and so on.

    But when it comes to more, um, exotic design ideas, we’re not as well versed. Which is why we thought we’d do a bit of research into the correct way to Feng Shui your driveway. Just in case you were wondering!

    Here are a couple of Feng Shui tips we discovered:

    Apparently, curving designs are best if you’re going for a pattern imprinted concrete pathway leading to your front door. A curved path will make positive energy “meander” to your doorway. Thankfully, curved designs are easy to accomplish using pattern imprinted concrete.

    However, if a curved route is impossible, placing plants on either side of the pathway should help. It’s very important for good Feng Shui that plants and grass outside your house are healthy. And, although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend surfacing over your lawn just to ensure better Feng Shui, pattern imprinted concrete is much easier to keep in shape than plants and grass. Just remember to re-seal!

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