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    Making An Internal Feature Of Your Driveway

    If you are anything like the good people of CD Designs, you are probably very proud of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway, as well as the car parked upon it. Everyone has their own tastes, however, regardless of the exact combination of colour, pattern and finish, we are sure that one thing you’ll agree on is that driveways are primarily an external feature. Yes, garages often have concrete flooring in them, but this part of the equation is usually just for storage rather than show.

    Not necessarily, dear friends. There are a number of eccentric and creative individuals that are so proud of (or perhaps we could say obsessed by) their cars and driveways that they have made them into internal features, to wow all the visitors to their domiciles.

    John Ryder from Sheffield, and his living room garage

    John Ryder from Sheffield, and his living room garage

    Take John Ryder from Sheffield – a man so proud of his yellow Ferrari Spider that he has converted the garage it lives in into a living room, complete with furniture and a television set! We’ve heard of in-car television, but this is something else entirely. Then there’s the Takuya Tsuchida modern, a residence in Tokyo with a revolutionary garage, complete with lift that allows residents to elevate their cars up into the living room to showcase them. There are other examples to be found as well, of various luxury apartments around the world with same floor parking, often with the car visible from the living room.

    So what do we think? How much do you have to be in love with your car to have such a feature in your house?

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    Ugly Garage Door! Why Not Hide It?

    There are many things you could do and really should do to make your home exterior as neat and picturesque as possible. some are far easier to realise than others, but the simple fact is that garage doors are difficult to deal with!

    I’m not talking about fitting them – the average garage door is no harder to install than anything else. What I am talking about is finding one that fits neatly into the style you’ve gone with for the rest of your exterior. Garage doors tend only to be available in a limited number of styles, and they are generally large, bulky, obtrusive objects that are always in danger of sticking out like the proverbial sore thumb.

    If you want to find a perfect solution for this problem, you’ll probably need to go bespoke, but this shouldn’t be a problem. The best way to go is to hide them, so no one knows they are there: after all, a lot of the best design work is invisible!

    A great example comes from Beausoleil Architects, who have taken a large Victorian house in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco and turned the ground floor bay window into a garage door:

    Or what about the detached house in Florida, where the entire front facade has been converted into a huge garage door, capable of fitting a small aircraft?

    Continue Your Drive Into Your Garage

    Pattern imprinted concrete is suitable for all manner of surfacing projects; it’s really versatile, and provided you’ve got a contractor who knows what they’re doing, you can get some very impressive results. If you own a property with a garage, and you’re interested in having a new driveway installed, have you considered extending your pattern imprinted concrete?

    Garage flooring needs to be tough, but there’s no reason to skimp on visual appeal. And if you’ve got a traditional drive-leading-to-garage set up, it’s possible to extend the project. Flooring your garage with pattern imprinted concrete at the same time as having your drive installed is two birds with one stone, and at the end of the installation you’ve got a visually complementary property, and a garage floor that’s tougher than a lot of the alternative flooring solutions.

    We’ve got experience installing a number of different accessories, like gates and lighting, so any peculiarities or necessities thrown up by your project shouldn’t be a problem for us. Pattern imprinted concrete is excellent for installing around integrated features, and chances are that your project won’t throw up anything we haven’t dealt with before. Get in touch if you’re interested in seeing what we can do for your drive and/or garage flooring, or would like a free quote.

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