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    Top 5 DIY YouTube Videos

    An explanation on how to clean and reseal a block paved driveway.  This will not only improve its appearance but also protect it from weather damage.

    A video offering various tips and tricks in keeping a healthy lawn, looking at mowing, fertiliser and weed control, and aeration.

    This video describes how to kill weeds in your lawn. It illustrates which tools and products you will need use to get the job done.

    A short video that explains how to build an attractive and functional retaining wall for your garden, without using mortar.

    A long and informative video that shows how to build, fit and install a wooden gate for your garden.  It shows how to fix it securely between 2 supporting posts so that it is level, and how to add a return spring to your gate so that it is self-closing.

    Keeping An Environmentally Friendly Garden

    There are many small steps you can take around your home to help save the environment. Here we focus on a few tips for your garden that will reduce your carbon footprint, reduce costs and improve your local area.

    1. Plant native species. They need less watering, are hardier (hence, less products needed to protect them) and they attract the local wildlife.
    2. Plant trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide shade. They provide homes for wildlife and some trees can provide you with a bountiful harvest.
    3. Make compost. Use the everyday kitchen and garden waste to create natural fertiliser for your garden. There are many books and websites on the subject of compost, but most boil down to using a good mix of ‘green’ materials such as grass cuttings, fruit and vegetable scraps and teabags, along with ‘brown’ material like torn up cardboard and newspaper. It is then important to keep the heap well ventilated by turning it often when it starts to heat up.
    4. Reduce the lawn. Lawns are costly to maintain, the chemicals used on lawns are dangerous to our health and to that of the surrounding wildlife, and lawnmowers emit high levels of pollution. Replace lawns with shrubs, ornamental garden structures, concrete pavement or decking. In addition, you could convert wasted lawn space into a vegetable garden. Consider using drip-irrigation systems or constructing or purchasing a rain barrel for watering purposes.

    New Garden Technology

    Following on from last month’s blog about the Chelsea Flower Show, we wanted to highlight some of the new technologies that were finalists at the show. Maybe you will find some of them in your shed in the near future.

    The Harrod Slot & Lock Framework

    The Harrod Slot & Lock Framework

    As we said in the previous blog entry, the winner of the award was the Harrod Slot & Lock framework building system by Harrod Horticultural. It claims to be ‘the answer to all those build your own fruit cage, vegetable cage, climbing vegetable support and practically any garden crop protection framework woes as this exclusive new system firmly screws connectors and aluminium tubing into place’.

    The Jubilee Spiral Bench

    The Jubilee Spiral Bench

    The Jubilee Spiral Bench from Gaze Burvill is ‘suitable as standalone seating or for placing around a small tree. It is comfortable and extremely easy on the eye’. It is handmade from oak and other sustainable sources, using a unique steam-bending process.

    The Tango E5 Mower

    The Tango E5 Mower

    The Tango E5 Mower from John Deere is ‘designed to maintain your lawn automatically meaning you can enjoy the more important things in life. Designed, innovated and built by John Deere to its highest manufacturing standards, the Tango E5 autonomous mower sets a new benchmark in lawn maintenance’. It operates in any weather, is extremely quiet, and there is no grass clipping disposal required.

    Natural weed killers (safe for imprinted concrete driveways)

    Not a fan of weeds? Try our safe for imprinted concrete weed killer tips.

    Not a fan of weeds? Try our safe for imprinted concrete weed killer tips.

    For block and concrete driveways weeds can be an annoying and common problem.  One of the least talked about and easiest ways to kill many weeds is with boiling water.  This is an inexpensive first step if your weed problem is not too severe.  It will kill most kinds of annual weeds, as well as many types of perennial weeds.  Firstly you will want to cut the weeds down as far as you can, then simply pour a kettle of boiling water over them.

    For more stubborn weeds a good method to get rid of them is to use vinegar.  Normal vinegar you can find in the supermarket is only a 5% solution, and not strong enough for this job.  A 10% vinegar solution can be found where canning and pickling supplies are sold.  Spray the vinegar directly on the weeds, taking care not to get any in your eyes or inhale the fumes. You may also want to wear gloves and eye protection for this.  For very stubborn weeds, a 20% vinegar solution may be needed, but this is comparatively expensive.  Try the weaker solution first before making this investment.

    Photo by Anthony Albright

    Concrete planters

    Planters put a garden within reach of everyone – even small apartment dwellers! Even if you only have space for a herb planter on a balcony, or a few pots around a little courtyard or pattern imprinted concrete driveway, you can grow plants, herbs and even fruit and vegetables for your five a day!

    Add something extra to your garden with a concrete planter

    Add something extra to your garden with a concrete planter

    Concrete planters are always popular for providing formality and elegance to outdoor gardens and public spaces – you’ll see them around most city parks and gardens. They offer great durability and will last for many years, with minimal care requirements.

    Concrete planters come in big sizes, and a wide range of colours. They are also very difficult to steal, thanks to their weight – especially once filled with soil. This makes them perfect for front gardens and areas with regular passers by, as well as for planting valuable plants and flowers which might tempt the odd cheeky opportunist! Their strength also makes them ideal for families – they’ll resist being attacked by footballs and bikes!

    Concrete pots are also weather proof, as they won’t split or freeze in freezing temperatures or get ruined by the rain – they offer great insulation, and they are also ideal for large trees and shrubs.

    You can find a large range of styles and colours at most garden centres or specialist garden accessory websites – or even get creative and try pouring your own!

    Photo by Jeremy Levine Design

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