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    A Guest Blog From Decorated Shed

    At CD Designs we like to get in touch with other contractors and companies who are offering high-value, high-quality products (like our pattern imprinted concrete driveways) and services. Which is how we stumbled across Decorated Shed. They build some pretty impressive compact structures for people looking for external offices and the like.

    They’ve sent us over a blog post about how their services could be complimented by our services – and vice-versa. Their website is definitely worth a look, and while you’re looking at it, imagine how one of their Decorated Sheds would look at the end of a pattern imprinted concrete pathway… (here’s a clue: it’d look good!) Maybe we’ll be seeing one in our case studies sometime soon?

    Without further ado, here’s their blog. Enjoy!

    “The Pattern of Style

    Trends follow a continual process of replacement, revived in timeless succession and fed by new influences. The excitement attached to fresh or updated ideas and products is an unfading occurrence. The evolving nature of a product enables the essence of successful design to be maintained as desirable features are enhanced, leading to a product that improves with age. The idea of renewal is also present in the cycle of nature, where the old is replaced by the new. Previous incarnations enable and vitalise the birth of new ideas, offering a platform in which fresh approaches can flourish and escalate to new heights of innovation.

    Decorated Shed is a company that epitomises reform, as the discovery of garden building attributes provides a firm foundation on which to develop design ideas. The bare framework that existed as an original concept of a garden outhouse has been creatively renovated and re-imagined, where refinement and charisma now decorate and define the structures. Decorated Shed have launched a new glass office, emphasising the natural light that illuminates the office environment with three continuous top-to-toe glass panels. The new office design acts as a transparent cocoon that allows nature to caress the space in a soothing manner, while promoting pro-activity. The elements are filtered, allowing the sun to fill the space with mood enhancing beams, while the wind and rain are guarded against. The office space avoids a closeted environment; instead the space seems to share nature’s vastness, which means that inspiration is unrestrained.

    Complete Driveway Designs Ltd. offer ingenious solutions to paving. Their pattern imprinted concrete is an example of innovative design, which mimics a range of textures and existing surfaces, such as cobbles, brick and slate. When teamed with the modern sleekness of the glass garden office; the two form a compatible match of revolutionary design. An already picturesque setting can be infused with the nostalgia of cobbles or the contemporary feel of brick, which stamps the area with instant character by adding a patio or garden path that locks in instant style. Pattern imprinted concrete, as a patio or paved path can frame the spectacle of a garden office and is available in a range of natural colours that pull out the earthy palette of a surrounding garden to form a display that acts as an office’s own private gallery.

    The glass office is a timeless piece of design that packages natural light, convenience and aesthetic beauty amongst desirable surroundings. The idyllic blend can be showcased and enhanced by adding pattern imprinted concrete that is inspired by the wistfulness of past designs and reworked into practical surfaces that add a contemporary finish and guarantee of practicality that will ensure it will last well into the future.”

    Complete Driveway Designs Ltd

    The Yard, Stubbins Lane, Ramsbottom, BL0 0PT
    T: 01706 827180

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