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    Moats, Trenches and Battlements: Not Exactly Modern Defence Systems

    There’s not many of us who can afford to buy a castle. Four foot thick walls, a drawbridge, gaps in the battlements so you can pour boiling oil on the heads of cold-calling salesmen; that kind of real estate doesn’t come cheap.

    Castle’s unique design features evolved for one reason and one reason only: defence. Whilst castles had a number of roles in society – as centres of trade and governance, as symbols of affluence and power – as buildings their primary role was to offer some much needed protection to their inhabitants.

    Although rampaging armies might no longer be a huge concern, home security is still a big consideration. Burglar alarms and even private CCTV can offer some peace of mind, but sometimes the best thing you can do is take a hint from the walls and moats of historic castles. Physical security structures like fences and gates clearly mark out the boundaries of your property and are a significant visual deterrent as well as a physical obstacle.

    Fence and gate installation is one of the services we offer alongside pattern imprinted concrete driveway design and installation. In fact, one of the first projects Complete Driveways Northwest took on and completed required a substantial concrete driveway in combination with fencing and motorized gating in order to create a parking area which was both attractive, complimentary to the building that compromised the rest of the property, and very secure. Have a look at the page dedicated to this job in our case studies gallery by clicking here.

    Hopefully the photographs of the Walmsley project will illustrate the fact that you can make sure your home is well defended, without it looking like you’re stuck in the dark ages.

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