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    Driveway security – the beginner’s guide

    Driveway security, what are the options?

    Driveway security, what are the options?

    Driveway security is a hot topic for homeowners looking to protect their family and home. The good news is that there are plenty of practical security measures you can take without needing to affect your pattern imprinted concrete driveway after it’s been installed!

    Outdoor alarm systems are valuable – particularly wireless driveway and wider perimeter alarms. Most systems are designed for easy DIY installation, whilst still retaining excellent detection capabilities, thanks to advances in the supporting technology. You can use these alarms to protect your home’s entrance, garages, hidden entrances and any outbuildings you might have.

    For commercial buildings, secure parking posts and bollards are popular. These range from the basic fold down systems to automated and telescopic systems. Similar technology exists for domestic properties too, but for larger homes looking to invest heavily in advanced security wireless audio and video intercoms tend to be a popular choice. These can be used between buildings, or from the entrance and the building itself -and systems will offer automated operation of electric security locks or automatic gates from a distance.

    Other security devices exist too. Decoy CCTV systems aren’t 100% effective, but many believe that they deter or at least slow down opportunist thefts. Alternatively, you can invest in full service CCTV cameras and monitoring system. Basic additions such as alarms for sheds and garages are also useful, and these outbuildings are more often targeted by thieves than houses themselves. Products available include silent wireless alarms, battery powered alarm systems, CCTV and warning signs.

    If you’re serious about security, it can be worth getting a specialist consultant out to look at your property’s individual requirements. But for many of us, basic additions such as good security lighting, alarms and locking systems will be enough to provide peace of mind.

    Electric gate picture courtesy of our friends at ASD.

    Great Gates

    When you’re designing your pattern imprinted concrete driveway, it’s important that you factor in how it will be used. It’s important that the layout of your driveway uses the available space as efficiently as possible. After all, as good as our pattern imprinted concrete driveways look, it’s the use you’ll get out of your drive that’s important.

    We offer a number of other services that are complimentary to the driveways we install. We’d like to talk about one of them in particular: fencing and gating.

    a pattern imrpinted concrete driveway with a gate

    a pattern imrpinted concrete driveway with a gate

    Fencing and gating can be very important additions to your property. Especially for homeowners with small children and dogs. While we’re well aware that there are some significant differences between kids and canines, they do both have a nasty habit of going walkabout. Unobtrusive and attractive fencing and gating can secure the rear of your home, and also stop and inquisitive children or pets from getting out onto the road.

    Fences and gates are also excellent security features; as well as providing a physical boundary, they’re also a visual deterrent.

    We can install fences and gates at the same time as we install your pattern imprinted concrete driveway, so you know that they’ll be well integrated with the rest of the project, and that the level of workmanship will be equally as impressive.

    Avoid Blocking Driveways

    Cars allow us a massive amount of freedom, don’t they? But with that freedom comes great responsibility. The responsibility, for example, to avoid blocking other people’s driveways when we’re parking. There are greater crimes, but it’s still very annoying to find that you can’t access you driveway because someone’s blocking it with their vehicle.

    The best way to ensure that you’ll no longer have to wedge your vehicle into any available space on your road – and risk blocking in your neighbours – is to create your own space to park at your property.

    One of our pattern imprinted concrete driveways should do the trick. Durable and attractive, pattern imprinted concrete driveways are excellent investments; as well as providing you with a hard-wearing surface for parking your car, they’re also easy on the eye – as you can see in our case studies.

    The installation of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway is a relatively quick process, although obviously we devote more time (and care, and attention) to it than some of the cowboy contractors out there.

    With your own pattern imprinted concrete driveway, your only worry will be being blocked in yourself. Remember, there’s nothing with erecting some gates – a nice visual reminder of the fact that your driveway is in use – or even sticking up an “access needed” sign.

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