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    Elegance Doesn’t Have To Stop At The Front Door

    Hansgrohe bathrooms, Poggenpohl kitchens, Philippe Starck products… there’s a massive amount of what looks suspiciously like luxury around today, and even though we’re all still feeling the squeeze of the recession, sometimes it’s worth paying for quality and sophistication.

    The defining quality that’s shared by all the most desirable and well designed things – from consumer goods to striking modern buildings – is elegant simplicity. Think of it as the “little black dress” effect; things don’t have to be intricate and flashy, and, in fact, those designs that really stand the test of time are the ones which take a simple idea and work towards perfecting it. If the importance of elegant simplicity holds true across the spectrum of design from handbags to hotels, why should it be any different for concrete driveways?

    Concrete is a simple material, but one that has many benefits for designers, whether they’re professionals or simply interested home owners who’re planning an attractive addition to their property.

    Its unique property – the fact that it can be poured wet and quickly formed into any number of solid shapes and surfaces – has made it a boon to architects and designers working at the forefront of the fields for most of the last century. Take, for example, the contentious but undeniably impressive Preston Bus Station as an example of the impact it’s possible to create using simple shapes and materials.

    You might not fancy designing something that causes uproar at local council level. In fact, you might prefer to head in a more traditional direction. In that case, there’s bound to be something in the range of patterns which can now be imprinted into coloured concrete that will inspire you. And of course, who says that modern and traditional have to be kept separate?

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