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    Installation of Your Driveway

    Following on from our blog entry ‘Preparing for a New Driveway’, here is what you should do with your pattern imprinted concrete driveway during installation, and when it is finished.

    After the concrete has been poured and imprinted, it will take somewhere between 24-48 hours to dry. We will close the area off with hazard tape or barriers, but the responsibility for preventing any damage will be yours. We will discuss the best way for you to access your home, if possible using other entrances for family or visitors. You should also make sure pets are not able to get near.

    Come on lads... Its concrete time!

    Concrete arrives

    Once the concrete is dry the release powder will be brushed off, which will cause some dust in the surrounding area. You will want to make sure all doors and windows are closed, and maybe let your neighbours know as well. After this the drive is given a thorough cleaning with a power washer, which will expose the true colour of the pattern imprinted concrete. We will need electricity and water supplies for this so please make sure they we have access to them.


    Concrete sealant application

    To complete the installation we will apply a sealing coat to the concrete. We will then clean the whole site leaving it in the condition we found it (except for your brand new pattern imprinted concrete drive of course).  Do not park your vehicles on the finished driveway for at least 72 hours after the sealing coat has been applied, as the seal needs time to cure.

    Preparing for a New Driveway

    Hopefully you will be getting ready for us to install a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway in the near future. Here are some tips on how to prepare before we arrive.

    When you order we will let you know which week we will be installing your pattern imprinted concrete driveway.  This is because we can never give a completely accurate date as we need dry weather to begin work. The actual date will be confirmed 24-48 hours in advance, when we can get a much more accurate weather report.

    The first thing to do is to make sure we have full access to your driveway and any other areas we will be working on. Make sure the drive is clear of vehicles, and that any gates we will need to get through are open when we arrive. Also make sure we have access to water and electricity at all times during the installation.

    You may also want to let your neighbours know what is happening, as the process can be noisy, and can create dust which may be blown around. You will want to close your windows and maybe employ dust cloths at doors to prevent damage to carpets. Finally you may want to cover or even remove any plants in areas we will be using to protect them from damage.

    10 Tips For Hiring a PIC Contractor

    At Complete Driveway Designs we understand that it can sometimes be daunting when inviting prospective contractors to your home and often it is hard to know what to look for. Here we have prepared a guide of 10 tips for hiring a Pattern Imprinted Concrete contractor.

    Making An Internal Feature Of Your Driveway

    If you are anything like the good people of CD Designs, you are probably very proud of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway, as well as the car parked upon it. Everyone has their own tastes, however, regardless of the exact combination of colour, pattern and finish, we are sure that one thing you’ll agree on is that driveways are primarily an external feature. Yes, garages often have concrete flooring in them, but this part of the equation is usually just for storage rather than show.

    Not necessarily, dear friends. There are a number of eccentric and creative individuals that are so proud of (or perhaps we could say obsessed by) their cars and driveways that they have made them into internal features, to wow all the visitors to their domiciles.

    John Ryder from Sheffield, and his living room garage

    John Ryder from Sheffield, and his living room garage

    Take John Ryder from Sheffield – a man so proud of his yellow Ferrari Spider that he has converted the garage it lives in into a living room, complete with furniture and a television set! We’ve heard of in-car television, but this is something else entirely. Then there’s the Takuya Tsuchida modern, a residence in Tokyo with a revolutionary garage, complete with lift that allows residents to elevate their cars up into the living room to showcase them. There are other examples to be found as well, of various luxury apartments around the world with same floor parking, often with the car visible from the living room.

    So what do we think? How much do you have to be in love with your car to have such a feature in your house?

    Image via

    Concrete driveways for restoration, expansion or new build

    Whether you are restoring a property, expanding it or even embarking on a new build there are a range of pattern imprinted concrete driveways to suit your needs.  Of course, there are some major differences in the projects, and the challenges which they might present.

    When restoring a property, for example, the focus is often on ensuring that any additions you make are going to be in sympathy with existing period features. It’s important, then, when selecting an imprint for the driveway of a restoration project that you are able to select a traditional pattern and Complete Driveway Designs offer a variety of these including Old English Cobble and Deep Joint Cobble .

    In contrast, expanding a property is a real opportunity to really make your own mark. You might want to create a larger and more manageable driveway upgraded with high-quality accessories like an elegant circle pattern design or a sturdy brick border. You may even wish to expand into the garden and incorporate a brand new patterned concrete patio area.

    A new build represents a completely clean slate and Complete Driveways Designs can help plan a pattern imprinted concrete driveway to fit these unique demands. If the  eventual aim is to put the property on the market then, just as you might decorate the interior of the property in light colours, a modern but neutral design could be called for and there are a number of these, including the contemporary Grand Ashlar Slate and Walkway Slate.

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