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    Driveway Rental Still Popular

    We’ve written about this before, but it seems that it really isn’t going away. People in areas where parking spaces are as rare as hen’s teeth – in London especially – are renting out their driveways. Private driveway rental agreements work out cheaper for the people who need somewhere to park, and generate money for those lucky (and entrepreneurial) driveway owners.

    You’d be surprised at how far this idea has spread; it’s not just in London. Indeed, if you live in area with little parking, or near an area which attracts a lot of commuting workers, it might be worth looking into. A good, durable pattern imprinted concrete driveway requires a modest outlay, and, like any quality home improvement, can add to the resale value of your home… but it might also be able to earn you a monthly income.

    The added security of parking on a private driveway as opposed to a public car park is an added benefit to owners of pattern imprinted concrete driveways, and to people who rent out those driveways. Consider adding fences and gates to your pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation for a complete overhaul of the outside of your property which increases security and looks good.

    Parking space is obviously much in demand at the moment. A new pattern imprinted concrete driveway is an excellent surface to park on, and that’s not to mention how attractive a finished Complete Driveway Designs driveway is – see our case studies for examples.

    Dreaming Of Summer

    When do you start planning your holiday? With Christmas out of the way, do you find yourself daydreaming about sandy beaches? It can help get through the depths of winter. Let’s face it, even at the best of times the north west of England is definitely chilly when you compare it to summer in the Med, or in Ibizia.

    It’s a question of planning ahead. After Christmas, it’s traditional to tighten the belt and start saving. Christmas is a big expenditure, and once you’ve got it sorted, it’s time to plan the year ahead, working out how much you’ll need – and how to get the best deals – for things like holidays and home improvement projects.

    A pattern imprinted concrete driveway is exactly the kind of home improvement that you should consider. A new driveway is the kind of thing that gets put off and put off. Unfortunately, if you have problems with your driveway they won’t get better over time; you need to purchase a replacement. That’s where we come in. We’ve got a lot of experience (see our case studies) in installing pattern imprinted concrete driveways, which are high quality and excellent value for money.

    Summer is a great time to have a driveway or pattern imprinted concrete patio installed, and if you book now you’ll have more choice as to when the installation takes place. So, don’t think of it as an expenditure, think of it as something else to look forward to. After all, some durable and attractive hard surfacing can really improve a lot of traditional summer activities, from BBQs to back-garden sunbathing.

    New Year’s Resolutions

    Did you make any new year’s resolutions? It’s a tradition that a lot of people go in for. You know how it works; make three resolutions about things you’d like to achieve in the coming year, or things you’d like to change about yourself. And there are traditions within this tradition; promising to go to the gym, or to quit smoking, are very popular choices.

    But it isn’t all about self improvement. Home improvements can be the subject of new year’s resolutions as well. There’s always something that needs to be done around the house, isn’t there? It’s not too late to add another new year’s resolution to your list. Like, for example, sorting out a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway.

    Sorting out your driveway doesn’t have to be a mammoth task; it’s a simple as getting in touch with the right people to do the job. At Complete Driveway Designs we’ve got a long list of satisfied customers – take a look at our pattern imprinted concrete driveway case studies to see some examples of driveways that we’ve previously installed.

    So, resolving to sort that driveway out might be the new year’s resolution that it’s easiest to achieve. We’re more than happy to talk to you about your driveway, and we offer free, no obligation quotations. Get in touch now, because we get pretty busy over summer!

    Does your area require visitor’s parking vouchers?

    Some residential areas which see a lot of through traffic, or which are near large public attractions, have visitor parking voucher schemes. If you live in one – perhaps you’re near your local football team’s home ground – you should be aware of how they work.

    We suggest that you make sure you keep track of your vouchers; it’s always useful to know where they are, in case visiting guests coincide with a day where the vouchers are necessary. After all, you don’t want your visitors to face fines. Of course, if you’ve got a pattern imprinted concrete driveway for them to park on, this shouldn’t be a problem.

    Of course, having your own parking can help free up space for guests. A pattern imprinted concrete driveway on your own property means one less car on the road, and more room for others in your neighbourhood to park their cars. Parking up on your own property eases the pressure for others around you. And, of course, it also means that your vehicle is safer; especially if you have fences and gates. There’s a reason that some insurers offer reductions for vehicles which are parked off-road; they’re more secure and less likely to be damaged by the way other people drive.

    Leave Your Car On The Driveway

    Parking charges in towns – even small towns in the north west – can be pretty steep these days. And for those of us who live and work in the same town, it might make more sense to leave your car on your driveway. The money you save on parking charges and petrol could soon add up, and if you switch from driving to walking or cycling it could have a real health benefit as well.

    Of course, if you’re going to be leaving your vehicle parked in front of your house day-to-day, you’ll want a durable surface to leave it on. That’s where a pattern imprinted concrete driveway comes in. Excellent quality and excellent value for money, a CD Designs imprinted concrete drive is a solution to your parking problems and definite home improvement.

    While it might seem counter-intuitive at first, investing in a driveway (which, don’t forget, could add to the re-sale value of your property) and leaving the car at home could work out to be cheaper in the long run than continuing to pay expensive parking fees.

    If you think that getting a contractor to come and install a pattern imprinted concrete driveway is the right decision for you and your property, we’re the people to talk to. And remember, we offer free, no obligation quotes.

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