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    Stamped Concrete Patterns for a Driveway or Patio: The Options

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    Stamped, or Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway

    At CD Designs, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a top quality professional service at all stages of every project we do, including planning, design and implementation. When considering the design of your pattern imprinted driveway or patio, you should think hard about the stamped concrete pattern you want to use. There are a whole multitude to choose from, and they can give a wide variety of looks that are nearly indistinguishable from real slabs, bricks or tiles.

    You can see our full range of concrete patterns while reading this article, open up that page so you can browse the gallery and see what the patterns we discuss look like. View our full range of pattern imprinted concrete colours.

    Cobble stones can look rustic and charming – consider Country Cobble, European Fan or Old English Cobble for a really rural look, or London Cobble for a more uniform, big town feel. For colours, you could go for something traditional like Russett for an authentic look, or something a bit more outlandish like Platt Silver.

    Our slate designs are also very popular, and give a striking look. What about Walkway Slate, La Habra Slate or Grand Ashar Slate, for a slightly different look and feel? Many different colours work well with slate, for example Slate Blue or Slate Green if you want something darker, and Arizona Tan or Steadman Buff if you want a lighter, brighter effect.

    But that’s not all. You might want something a bit less uniform, or a slightly more unusual pattern. Why not consider Herringbone Brick, or Random Stone?

    If you want help choosing a pattern and colour combination, please get in touch!

    Mixing Classic And Contemporary Pays Off

    According to an article we were reading over on the Wickes website, there’s been talk on a few different website (and in a few different publications) about mixing old and new looks in home improvements.

    That’s something we definitely agree with. And while that article we’ve linked to might be focussed more on interior design, it can hold true for the outside of your property as well. The patterns we can imprint onto concrete are based on classic surfacing materials and designs. Materials and designs like Ashlar Slate, Cobbles, and Herringbone Brick. These are surfacing options that people have been picking for years. Now you can benefit from the look of those traditional surfaces with all of the added benefits of concrete. Installation is quick, the surface tough and durable, and any pattern imprinted concrete driveway should stay in good condition for a long time, especially if you follow the simple maintenance routine.

    If you take some time to explore the case studies section of our website, you’ll see a number of examples of excellent pattern imprinted concrete driveways. Whether your house is an older, more traditional building or a new-build, investing in a pattern imprinted concrete driveway can really pull the look of your home together. And, of course, it gives you somewhere suitable for parking the car!

    Concrete Driveways Can Be Stylish

    Concrete might not be the first substance that pops into your head when you think about style. But if you’re looking for a stylish solution to a front garden or driveway design plan, a pattern imprinted concrete drive is the answer.

    We can imprint a wide variety of different patterns into concrete, meaning that your driveway doesn’t have to look run of the mill. And when you combine your pattern of choice with one of the range of colours we offer, you can really start to see the possibilities.

    A CD Designs driveway can improve your property in a number of different ways. Our driveway installations are carried out to the highest possible standards, meaning that you should be free from driveway worries for a long time. All you need to do is remember to reseal your driveway every so often. That should help to keep it looking as good as new.

    And your new driveway will definitely impress your neighbours. The range of finishes available are all based on classic surfacing materials and designs, so there’s no need to worry about your concrete driveway looking ugly or boring. What could be more stylish than a product that looks good and lasts?

    Renovating A House

    Renovating an old house is a dream for some. Rundown “fixer uppers” can be cheaper than alternative properties. More than that, they offer a chance to really get your teeth stuck into a project. Renovation is a big task, but if you’ve got the time and the money to invest in it, it reaps many rewards. Resale value should – provided all goes to plan – make you more than a little back in profit. And, of course, there’s the knowledge that you’ve accomplished something pretty special; really making your own home.

    In the North West there are more than a few properties that could do with a refurb. And if you are planning to invest in such a project, don’t forget the importance of the outside of the property. A pattern imprinted concrete driveway is an excellent way to bring the exterior of your property up to the quality of what you’ve done to the inside.

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are a cost-effective way of getting the kind of classic looking-driveways you see in those glossy property magazines. Our pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation skills mean that you can be sure the quality of our work will match the quality of yours. For you, renovating a property will probably be a labour of love. For us, installing pattern imprinted driveways, patios, and other features, is a matter of pride.

    Concrete BBQ Areas

    As summer starts to get under way, you might notice us talking about BBQs a fair bit in this blog. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, well, who doesn’t like a BBQ? And secondly, we like to tell you, the people who visit this site, about the potential uses for pattern imprinted concrete other than driveways. (Though we do mention them quite a bit as well).

    As the weather gets hotter, and as people spend more time outdoors, enjoying barbies, parties, and other forms of fun, they start to notice potential areas for improvement around their homes. It could be something like getting a sticking garage door fixed, or perhaps planning a pond.

    When it comes to areas of surfacing such as patios, pattern imprinted concrete is definitely the way to go. An area of pattern imprinted concrete will be as long lasting as it is attractive, and with skilled contractors like us, you know you’re getting the best service available. In back gardens, which are more likely to get used for socialising and relaxation than front gardens, a well placed section of hard surfacing can work wonders.

    As well as breaking up your garden – and reducing the amount of high-maintenance gardening there is to do – pattern imprinted concrete provides an excellent surface for common pieces of garden furniture. Like, for example BBQs! Not to mention chairs and tables.

    Some precautions: it’s not a good idea to leave rusting metal in contact with your concrete, as it can cause damage to the finish. Mind you, it’s not a good idea to let your BBQ rust either.

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