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    Things You Never Knew About Concrete #9

    It Can Be Really Heavy!

    Well, perhaps you had an inkling that concrete’s pretty heavy. But we bet you don’t know exactly how heavy concrete can get. As always, Complete Driveway Designs is happy to help.

    According to the font of knowledge that is the internet (don’t worry, we double checked our facts), commercial concrete can get pretty heavy. Obviously, the stuff we use when we install pattern imprinted concrete driveways is a lot lighter and a lot less dense.

    But the concrete we want to talk about has an impressive average density of 350 lb per cubic foot. That’s double, maybe slightly more than double, the usual density and weight of construction concrete.

    This special super-heavy concrete was required in the construction of an extension to an American hospital. Heavyweight concrete was needed as part of radiation shielding requirements. It needed to be particularly dense in order to cut down on the amount of space it took up.

    For more information, check out this long and very informative article about the concrete and the job or which it was used. If you’d like to see some examples of significantly less dense but hopefully more visually appealing concrete, then you should check out our case studies.

    Remember to come back to the blog sometime in the next couple of months, when we’ll be bringing you another interesting (hopefully!) fact about concrete.

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