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    Things You Never Knew About Concrete #7


    Sorry for the capital letters (and the exclamation mark!) but this is pretty exciting stuff. Concrete is exciting enough, but concrete on the moon??!?

    Lunarcrete is a theoretical building material for making concrete buildings on the moon, using lunar regolith (moon-rocks and moon-dust to you and me). Erecting buildings on the moon may be a way off as yet, but (fingers crossed) it’ll happen at some point, and when it does we’ll need building materials that take the minimum of energy to produce or transport.

    By using lunar regolith as the aggregate in lunarcrete, construction on the moon suddenly becomes a much simpler task. Well, we say simpler; it’s probably still quite complex.

    This lunarcrete – aka mooncrete, which we think is a bit catchier – seems to offer solutions to most of the problems that need to be taken into account when you’re construction stuff on the moon. It’ll be strong, and could be further reinforced using tungsten. It would offer shielding from harmful radiation. And it could withstand some serious temperature extremes.

    Like our pattern imprinted concrete driveways, lunarcrete surfaces would need to be sealed. They’d be porous, like our driveways. The slight permeability of concrete is an inescapable characteristic, hence the importance of sealing and then regularly resealing your pattern imprinted concrete driveway. In the case of lunarcrete buildings, an epoxy sealant would make it air-tight. Which, we think you’ll agree, is pretty important for a building on the moon.

    Of course, the most important question is this; will astronauts need pattern imprinted lunarcrete driveways for those nippy little moon buggies?

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