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    Preston bus station: “treasured location” marked for demolition?

    Preston bus station was opened in 1969, and back then it was the largest bus station in Europe. Due to its innovative architectural design and concrete construction, it is still regarded today as an innovative “treasured location”. Even though it may look unremarkable compared to a lot of today’s cityscapes, it broke a lot of barriers back in the day, and many of Preston’s inhabitants regard it with warmth and compassion (excitement is possibly too strong a term), like an old familiar friend.

    However, all is not well on the buses in Preston. Preston City Council have marked the building for demolition in their latest plans for city centre redevelopment. This is seen as a grave concern, a feeling shared by many around the world. The World Monument Fund has marked the bus station as a heritage site, and a “treasured place at risk” — one of 67 new locations recently added to the list. They see it as a prime example of British “Brutalism”, an architectural style characterised by concrete forms, and stark repetitive angular geometry.

    They also argue that the building is still perfectly useful and functional, and will stand the test of time better than a lot of modern lightweight architecture. Those in favour of its demolition say that Preston needs to move with the times, and modernise to attract growth.

    What do you think? Architectural treasure or outdated relic?

    Driveways In The Rainy Season

    During autumn and winter in the north west, the rain can really set in. That’s when having an area of hard surfaced driveway can really pay off. Some surfacing materials are more susceptible to flooding than others, especially some of the loose surface options like gravel and slate chippings.

    A properly installed pattern imprinted drive will have adequate drainage. Drainage needs to be installed to ensure that water doesn’t collect and sit on your driveway. Driveway drainage is also necessary to ensure that rain water isn’t running off your driveway and onto your lawn or the pavement.

    Your contractor should take into account issues like drainage when they’re planning your pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation. They should also consider other driveway features like manhole covers, which will need access. Of course, at CD Designs we know our way around these features.

    So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway for your property, we suggest that you keep an eye on how your current driveway responds to the amount of rain it gets over this autumn. If you notice areas where it pools, remember where they are so you can point them out to your contractor when it’s installation time.

    A Good Time To Do Up Instead Of Move On

    According to some recent news reports we’ve been reading – this one in particular – house prices in the North West have fallen more than house prices in any other region of England and Wales except the South East.

    This news might come as a nasty shock to those who are planning on selling up soon. However, if you’re willing to wait out the downturn, now might be a canny time to invest in some home improvements. A pattern imprinted concrete driveway should at the top of your list.

    A pattern imprinted concrete driveway is an excellent way to add “curb appeal” to your home – important in a competitive house market. But the benefits of a pattern imprinted concrete driveway go deeper than its attractive surface. By adding a durable parking area to your property you can really add value to your home.

    A pattern imprinted concrete driveway, if it’s properly maintained, will continue to add value to your home for years to come. It should stay good looking and fit-for-purpose long enough to see out a fair few fluctuations in house prices. If you’re interested in purchasing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, Complete Driveway Designs are happy to provide free, no-obligation quotations.

    Find Out When We’re Available

    Summer is a busy time for us; the hotter months are drier and so a better time to install pattern imprinted concrete driveways for our customers. We get out across the North West, seeing a lot of different areas and pouring, imprinting and sealing a lot of concrete driveways. It’s always good to be busy, but it does have one downside… it means that new customers may have to wait slightly longer for us to be available.

    It’s nothing personal, honest. And we’re sure you understand; if the jobs mount up, then our lead in time could get longer. Happily, there are no problems at the date this is being written; we’re still working to our usual lead-in time.

    There’s a very simple way for you to find out when we’ll be available to install your pattern imprinted concrete driveway, or provide you with any of our other services. It’s so simple as to be positively old fashioned: ask us.

    Our contact details are readily available (our telephone number is 0161 761 0400), and you can also contact us online using this form.

    However, it’s best if you contact us for a free no obligation quotation. If you provide us with some information about your project (like the size of the area that needs surfacing) we’ll be able to fill you in on price, when we can get started, and how long the job will take.

    Hosepipe Ban

    At the time of writing, there’s a hosepipe ban in place in the north west. This is obviously going to have an effect on our gardens; watering is important in the hot months. As we’ve said before on this blog, it’s times like these that having an area of hard surfacing can make your gardening chores significantly easier.

    While we’re not suggesting that you should pave over your lawn for the sake of saving a few afternoons of gardening, an extended pattern imprinted concrete driveway or a pattern imprinted patio makes for less foliage to deal with. With a hose-pipe ban in place, and the possibility of more on the horizon, having less garden to look after can only be a good thing.

    With a contractor like Complete Driveway Designs, issues like drainage will be completely in hand and dealt with. There are some legal issues that need to be considered when your installing a non-permeable surface like pattern imprinted concrete in your garden. Happily, if the area is under five square meters, it’s fine. Over that size is usually fine, but get in touch with us for a free quote and we’ll be able to further explain once we know  more about your property.

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