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    Leave Your Car On The Driveway

    Parking charges in towns – even small towns in the north west – can be pretty steep these days. And for those of us who live and work in the same town, it might make more sense to leave your car on your driveway. The money you save on parking charges and petrol could soon add up, and if you switch from driving to walking or cycling it could have a real health benefit as well.

    Of course, if you’re going to be leaving your vehicle parked in front of your house day-to-day, you’ll want a durable surface to leave it on. That’s where a pattern imprinted concrete driveway comes in. Excellent quality and excellent value for money, a CD Designs imprinted concrete drive is a solution to your parking problems and definite home improvement.

    While it might seem counter-intuitive at first, investing in a driveway (which, don’t forget, could add to the re-sale value of your property) and leaving the car at home could work out to be cheaper in the long run than continuing to pay expensive parking fees.

    If you think that getting a contractor to come and install a pattern imprinted concrete driveway is the right decision for you and your property, we’re the people to talk to. And remember, we offer free, no obligation quotes.

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