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    Case Study – Queens Street, Padiham

    Padiham Pattern Imprinted Concrete

    Pattern imprinted concrete yard in Padiham

    This project was installed in September of this year. Originally a small space, this back yard was transformed into a more open and usable space using pattern imprinted concrete.

    Before the concrete was installed, a retaining wall was removed from the area and four steps were installed for access. The customer had previously had trouble with water seeping into his basement, so provisions were made for any water to run away from the house and into an aco channel which sat in front of the lowest step. An extra gully was also fitted to alleviate excess water from the roof of the outhouse.

    The pattern used for this yard is London Cobble, and the colour is Arizona Tan. As you can see from the above picture, even a relatively small space can be transformed into an attractive and functional part of the home.

    To see the full case study, with lots more pictures, click here.

    Case Study – Blueberry Road, Bowdon

    The finished patio and landscaped garden

    The finished patio and landscaped garden

    The Bowdon project was installed in March of this year. We originally posted a time-lapse video of the landscaping that we did, and whilst we were there we also installed pattern imprinted concrete both at the front and rear of the property.

    The size of the project was immense, measuring a vast 300m2 area. The colour varied from the back, which was laid with cream, to the front, which was laid in Classic Grey. The pattern also varied from the front to the back. For the landscaping part of the job, the turf was laid with decorative stone borders. A pond was also built in the corner for the customer, who is an avid fish lover.

    Too see the full case study of this installation click here.

    Case Study – Lock Keepers Court

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio

    In May we did a series of installations at Lock Keepers Court in Droylsden. The customers were all members of the same family, and so we gave them a big discount for work on three separate addresses. We have case studies on this website for two of these.

    The first installation was a patio and lawn, for which you can see the case study here. The flags on the patio had started to develop weeds around them, and looked very untidy as a consequence. It was hard work for the customer to maintain the garden, so we gave them three design options, all varying in shape, idea and price range. With these ideas the customer was able to choose an option that suited both their design aspirations and budget. It was advised that platinum silver would be the most effective colour as it would match the window frames, and walkway slate the best pattern so as to match the contemporary feel of the property. The customer also wanted something unique, and so chose to have a compass printed centrally in the patio, which was then carefully stained along with the borders. A section of the garden was then re-turfed completing the new look.

    The second installation was for a patio and decking, for which you can see the case study here. The customer decided that she wanted a predominantly decked area with the incorporation of a shallow step and a 10 metre squared area of pattern imprinted concrete at the foot of the patio. It was advised that Arizona tan would be the most effective colour as it would match the decking area, and a random stone pattern was chosen as part of the project to contrast the straight lines of the decking and to add another dimension to the patio design.

    Making the Most of Your Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio In Winter

    You might think of winter as a really hard time to get much enjoyment out of your pattern imprinted concrete patio. It is certainly a far cry from the sun loungers and BBQ’ed food of summer! But this needn’t be the case. You just need to do a bit of planning beforehand, and get some nice features in place that will shine through the winter.

    Your choice of surrounding winter plants is the most important. Winter flowering pansies are a great choice for your pots, as they will bloom with beautiful bright coloured spotty flowers from winter until early June. Other good choices for winter are winter flowering heather, Camellias, Snowdrops, Japanese pieris, Winterhazel and Wintersweet. You should try combining your pretty flowers with some greenery for added texture, such as ornamental cabbages and kale, or an evergreen such as winter box.

    We’d suggest that you get some nice big pots to put your winter displays in. Give them a base of pebbles or broken pottery to provide good drainage, and fill them up with fresh soil and a nice dose of fresh compost. Get everything planted in Autumn so that they are thriving by the time Jack Frost moves in.

    Lastly, how about planting a good choice of trees nearby, to mingle in nicely with the flowers and other winter plants? Prunus Serrula is a good choice, as it gives mahogany coloured bark and cherry blossom in the spring.

    Water Features To Complement Your Concrete Patio

    There is something really magical about water – it embodies life and purity, exudes natural beauty and – placed correctly – draws attention from onlookers as a central feature of any scene. A water feature is therefore ideal for inclusion in your home exterior, and will nicely complement a pattern imprinted concrete patio.

    But what works best? There is of course the option of building an integrated water feature along the lines of a pond or waterfall. This works great if you have a lot of time and money to spend for remoulding your exterior look, and your desired water feature and patio work well alongside one another. If you do go down this route, we can help you make choices for both the patio and water feature that will come together as a single great design.

    If you don’t have the money and time for such major work, then there are still a lot of options you can consider. How about a self-contained unit? You can get something relatively inexpensive in stone, wood, terracotta, bamboo or metal – or a combination of these. The options are endless – fountains, statues, birdbaths, ponds, bubble features, vases, spheres and more can all be employed along with water to enhance your patio! If a constant flow is required, you can use a pump to keep the water running through the system. Light and water can also be a great combination too – how about some solar lamps to add some shine?

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